Saturday, May 02, 2020

Carryout Saves Kansas City Restaurants From 10-10-10 COVID Reopen Plan???

The aftermath of the coronavirus lockdown offers little help to local biz confronting draconian regulations and a public that's hostile and "distanced" from their community . . . Here's one glimmer of hope and the inevitable decline of the foodie scene in this cowtown "for at least two years" according to some public health officials.

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With Carryout Still The Safest Bet In Town, Some Kansas City Restaurants Have An Advantage - Here's Why

As stay-at-home orders across the metro begin to loosen, Kansas City's restaurant industry has seen a massive transformation, which will likely continue as uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 persists despite the gradual lifting of restrictions. Some places have managed to hang on doing business mostly as before, with customers pulling up curbside for the same dishes they once enjoyed in the dining room or for traditional carryout.

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Anonymous said...

No business model for most business under the "10-10-10" reopen plan. Quinton Lucas nailed the first nail in the coffin for the majority of the restaurants in Kansas City. Unfortunately his plan doesn't address the most important component of mitigation of the pandemic, social distance. Limiting the number of people doesn't guarantee social distance. The goal should be social distance without reference to the number of people. We shall see if Mayor Selfie nails the coffins shut. The adjoining communities have an opportunity to better support the businesses at the expense of the KC MO businesses. More revenue shortfalls unaddressed by Quinton Lucas.