Saturday, May 30, 2020

Bike/Walk KC Survey SURPRISINGLY Claims Biking & Walking Are Essential For Locals

These advocates of more KCMO taxpayers spending on questionable street "improvements" share data which, not-so-surprisingly, claims widespread support for their crusade . . . Checkit:

Survey Says: biking and walking are essential activities

Walking and biking are healthy activities that families can do together, but for many essential workers traveling on foot or by bike is not new. This is why the work of BikeWalkKC and our partners has not and will not change.


Anonymous said...

Biking and walking are essential to some people. The BikeWalkKC Agenda is essential for fagggot homosexuals.

Anonymous said...

Biking and walking is essential? Not in our city. Our city is violent, just look at what happened last night. And the cops aren't using force like they should and and the mayor is sitting back on his lazy ass with a big grin on his face. Black people do us a favor stop moving to the burbs you ruin everything.

Anonymous said...

Absurd. More proof that you should never trust a zealot bearing surveys.

Anonymous said...

this new bike-walk group appears to be promoting a positive agenda.

biking and walking are not just good good for health but also for community.

it's great to see people of all ages outdoors right now.

Anonymous said...

Yes it is, @8:40 - people of all ages out walking and diving out of the way of the fanatical Bicyclists who assume they own every inch of every street, sidewalk and trailway, and who have the absolute right to ride on them unimpeded by any concerns for pedestrians or reasonable speed limitations!


Anonymous said...

Blue Trace Trail is packed along with hundreds if not thousands on the Rock Island Trail in KC. Thousands of trail bikes, beach cruisers and even road bike adorn the many miles.

Never have seen a media person on any of them.

Maybe they are hiding in their offices at home.. virus just waiting for them to stick their head out!

Lol. And just like that- the media refrains from using the words terrorists,looters and hooligans to describe an excuse to break into stores and jack up cars. Well... no more virus for a while.

Where is Mayor 10-10-10?