Monday, May 11, 2020

Amazon Hints At AMC Purchase

Stock speculation is rampant amid this tease and a failing biz headquartered in the KC suburbs and currently the property of the Chinese . . . Read more:

AMC's stock is surging at the mere thought of Amazon buying it

Could Amazon buy the world's largest chain of movie theaters? AMC Entertainment's investors apparently hope so. For much of 2020, AMC's stock has been down around 50% on the year as most of the company's 11,000 screens around the world remain shuttered.


Anonymous said...

Of course. AMC is owned by China. Jeff Bezo's favorite country.

Anonymous said...

Why would even Bezo buy a dying industry ? He could afford it. Be nice and keep it going for nostalgia purposes and give people something to do.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he'll buy it and only show films by left-wing extremists that show how honest and caring the Chinese leaders are to people from all backgrounds.