Saturday, April 11, 2020

TKC Saturday Night Playlist: Kansas City & The Nation Await Coronavirus Recovery

Tonight we end on a somewhat hopeful note but warn that locals should never get their financial advice from broke-ass blog communities.

We love our readers but most of them don't even know how to avoid value traps. Hint: Dollar cost averaging is kind of like getting counseling for a failing marriage . . . It seems like it'll help in the long run but still risks leaving everybody broke and miserable if things don't eventually turn around.

And so we share these links on the topic of recovery . . .

Prez Trump Promise

Trump vows to rebuild US economy to honor coronavirus victims, sees 'tremendous surge' ahead

President Trump vowed to rebuild the U.S. economy to honor those who have died as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. "We're going to rebuild it again in honor of all those who perished today," Trump said Saturday night on Fox News' " Justice with Judge Jeanine."

Good Times Ahead?!?!

Business analysts see potential summer recovery for economy

Millions of Americans, idled by the coronavirus pandemic, could soon be back at work - and still keeping their social distance. Business leaders and analysts see promising signs of a recovery in the labor markets, and in the coronavirus-crippled economy, by early summer, The Post has learned.

Market Timing For People Who Never Saw This Coming . . .

Prepare for massive new opportunities in stocks as the response to the coronavirus reshapes the economy

The Federal Reserve on Thursday unveiled an unprecedented $2.3 trillion program to support the economy. New jobless claims, announced on the same day, surged to 6.6 million in the past week. That said, massive opportunities in the stock market will arise because of a major shift in the post-coronavirus economy.

Life Lesson: Not All Recoveries Are Created Equal

WHO Investigating Reports of Coronavirus Patients Testing Positive Again After Recovery

This Is Joe Biden's Moment The Navy Is Losing Its Fight Against the Coronavirus Why Americans Are So Resistant to Masks We're Now Living the American Carnage Trump Promised Would End at His Inauguration The World Health Organization said it is investigating reports out of South Korea that some patients who had recovered from the coronavirus tested positive again after initially testing negative for COVID-19.

Rebuilding Takes Time . . .

It May Take Some Americans Up to 5 Years to Recover Financially From the COVID-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 outbreak has already sent the stock market on a wild ride, shuttered businesses left and right, and forced millions of Americans into unemployment. And new data from PayScale reveals that it could take some Americans -- namely, blue-collar workers and small business

To wit . . .

And all this inspires our playlist tonight:

As always, thanks for reading this week and have a fun and safe Saturday night. At home.


Anonymous said...

if the economy doesn't turn around, President's Trumps reelection chances are toast.

Anonymous said...

Trump lied; Americans died. LOCK HIM UP!

Anonymous said...

Not sure if packing the Sprint Center, the streetcar or the P&L District is the right thing to do any time this year. So it'll be awhile before KC makes any "recovery."

Remmi said...

What bunker is Biden in right now? Haven't heard much out of him lately.

anonymous said...

Don't worry Remmi - you'll hear plenty from Joe Biden after the Nomination Convention. Believe me, he and every Democratic Candidate running for any Office have a lot to say about the way the Republicans have screwed this Country up over the past three years.

Anonymous said...

Yes, only advancing queers, illegal drug users ,illegal people and darker skinned people is the answer to everything. You must have missed the last 3 years of an excellent economy compared to any person prior. Please enlighten us on your vast knowledge of the economy and your own personal achievements.

Anonymous said...

Diane Feinstein voted no to more stimulus money but voted for 5 Billion to give to Iran??????? Nancy Pelosi voted no to more stimulus money????? That mayor from Chicago is giving stimulus money to illegals???? You democrats don't deserve any money for help.

Anonymous said...

Yea sure Nazi scum, an excellent economy, all thrown under the bus coz your stable genius president refuses to learn anything until he runs out of stupid excuses to be ignorant.

Anonymous said...

And Trump said he would end Obama care and REPLACE IT WITH SOMETHING BETTER. And that he would build the wall MAKE MEXICO PAY FOR IT. And the virus would go away. TRUMP LIED AND PEOPLE DIED. HOW MANY MORE? Maybe YOU?

Anonymous said...

It's already over, the MSm just won't tell you.

Anonymous said...

They will joe out of his basement when it's deemed safe brave n stronk.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you charge him with crimes if...oh wait. You already tried that and made him more popular.

Anonymous said...

Once again, 7:33 throwing out Nazi labels. Useful only in demonstrating that they don't have a clue what Nazism actually means.

Anonymous said...

Back on your meds please. This hysteria is why you keep losing.

Ed Ziffel said...

Taiwan was ready. Six people have died in Taiwan of Coronavirus. 20,577 have died so far from Coronavirus in the United States. Unlike Donald Trump, the president of Taiwan wasn't advised by an inner circle of Jewish private equity titans and hedge fund managers to "ride it out" and treat it as "just the flu".

Anonymous said...

What exactly did tiawan a county of 23 million do to prevent deaths other than ban ppl from china earlier than the us...which is what trump was called racist and xenophobe for by the dems and MSM

meanwhile let's just ignore sweden who has done nothing and has not experienced a plague and has similar or lower death rates than countries with shut downs

anonymous said...

Let's see... what does Nazism mean?

-Demonizing minority victims in order to saddle them with blame for your own failures.
-Labeling and name-calling in order to divide the population you are attempting to control.
-Blaming and attempting to stifle any opposing sources of information other than those you control.
-Mindless slogans rather than meaningful distribution of information.
-Continuously attempting to divert blame for anything negative onto others.
-Taking immediate revenge on anyone not showing 100% loyalty to whatever program you currently advocate.
-Continual revision of Historical facts to support any current position you take.
-Historical revisionism after reversing any failed programs or efforts, plus denial that the opposite happened.
-Repetitive Rallies and lavish Spectacles to consolidate your hold on your core of "True Believers".

Does any of this seem to fit the record of the last three years, Ludwig?

Anonymous said...

It's not over. People are still getting sick and dying. You sound like a Commie Chinese bot.

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^Another evil white man.

By being a vicious animal, he hopes to showcase his superiority, & does the exact opposite.

Racists are inferior sub-human scum.

Anonymous said...

Ludwig! Wonderful. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that your use of this name has nothing to do with its significance in German history and is just picked out if the air at random. After all, your total ignorance of actual Nazism couldn't be more obvious. The use of the term by you has nothing to do with what actually happened during the Third Reich and is just another histrionic label assigned to anyone who disagrees with you. Your ignorance is further demonstrated by your conflation of anything German-sounding with Nazis, but that's common enough.

Your list doesn't apply to Nazi Germany except in the loosest sense of disallowing dissent and the aggrandizement of particular leaders. Sorry to say that applies broadly to many political settings across history. As far as your list goes, it's a bit difficult to say that those things are even more Republican or Democrat, since your list applies very well to the current loopy, deranged stance of obsessing with Trump. Although I would say that your side, in its obsession with uniformity in language is more Soviet.

Anyway, you make my point. In the real world, Nazism came and went. Its leaders are gone. It was an actual threat in the world that more or less ceased when its leaders were all killed or offed themselves. Defeating it cost real lives and sacrifice.

So no. Though your use of the term is a juvenile cheapening of the massive death and misery that happened with real Nazism, to you it's just another rhetorical label to be thrown out carelessly and ignorantly because your obsession with Trump makes anything possible. Why not go ahead and call him the Devil?

Or would that be a bit too crazy even for you?

anonymous said...

Actually @12:48, I'm not the one who tossed out the term "Nazi" in the first place, I was just amused by your hysterical @9:07 response and wanted to see if I could evoke yet another bit of frothing at the mouth!

Thanks, we all needed a little amusement during these dreary times, and you Trump supporters are such good putty to work with!

Weidersehen langsammer auf, Rolf!

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with arguments against racism but Byron is hardly an effective advocate for any cause.

Anonymous said...

Byron your weak ass cries of racism are weak ass.

Call people racist is just lazy and short for saying you have no compelling arguments of your own.

Crawl back under the rock you came from.

Anonymous said...

Oh, 1:26, so sad that you don't know the difference between hysteria and a reasonable (if somewhat sarcastic) response. And it's as good as admitting that you had no clue what you were talking about in the first place (which we knew), and that your silly argument had such little value that you've completely abandoned it in favor of a feeble bit of trolling.

Par for the course. Care to do some more Googling in German to confuse yourself further?


anonymous said...

Still working though, isn't it, Heinrich?
Weider den todt ist keine krautlein geswissen, kleines bladersau.