Tuesday, April 07, 2020

Kansas City Police Confront Coronavirus New Normal On Still Violent Local Streets

The observations here are mostly frivolous whilst locals with a bit more knowledge consider the implications of fewer arrests and an overall decline of community policing during this era of social distancing . . . Checkit:

Age of Coronavirus: Policing a Pandemic

Policing a pandemic looks like this. Roll calls are held outdoors or in sally ports, open areas allowing for ample space between patrol officers. Temperatures are checked and questions asked about fever or coughing, as both could be tell-tale symptoms of COVID-19. Squad cars and equipment are repeatedly wiped down with sanitizing cloths.


Anonymous said...

You thought a pandemic would make people more docile and kind? Didn’t you post an article showing that ammo/gun purchases were the highest they’ve ever been? It’s about to get real in these streets, especially once people start getting evicted.

Anonymous said...

^^^ You should hide under your bed. We'll tell you when it's safe to come out.

Citizen said...

Thankful for the Emergency Services God Bless them all!!!

Anonymous said...

The cops haven’t done jack for this city for decades, all they do is spend all their time blocking traffic for wrecks and the rest is at convenience stores getting free stuff, go spend some time at the qt and watch cop after cop going in and out with free stuff all day long.

Oh, and let’s not forget it takes thirty cops to stand around at a murder scene for four hours doing nothing. They’re real good at that.

Anonymous said...

4/8/20, 6:24 AM
Next time you need one call the ACLU. see how that works our for you....Jerk

Anonymous said...

Wow a jerk! You woyld be fun to piss off, the real police, not so much, when their bites can have teeth not just wet gums.