Friday, April 24, 2020

Kansas City Country Club Plaza Luxury Developer Hype Can't Stop For Coronavirus

The plague has permanently taken out a few nearby restaurants for good but here's cheerleading disgused as news touting a project that might or might now eventually earn taxpayer support . . . Read more:

Big Apartment Project Proposed Near West End of Country Club Plaza

An eight-story apartment project that would replace what's currently a half-acre stretch of empty lots on the east side of Belleview Avenue has been submitted to the City Plan Commission for review. The 366-unit project, called The Dylan at 4711 Belleview, is being proposed by Action Pact Design Group, a development firm whose portfolio is focused on nursing homes and assisted living facilities, according to its website.


Anonymous said...

"Big Apartment Project Proposed Near West End of Country Club Plaza"
Translation: "Big Plaza TIF Project Will Cost Taxpayers Big Bucks"

Anonymous said...

Well then let's get going on the Troost and Armour project. I want to see that go even though it's going to destroy property values and parking in Central Hyde Park.

Anonymous said...

It won't cost taxpayers anything. TIF only comes out of increased tax flows from development.

The land is vacant now and generates very little tax revenue for the citizens of KC.