Friday, April 03, 2020

Kansas City Coronavirus Update

A quick glimpse at local numbers updated today as testing still isn't widely available inside KCMO.

From the Health Department . . .

KCMO COVID-19 Totals

Total: 154

Deaths: 2

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Prayer moves the hand of God.. no weapon formed against you will prosper.. bible

people must repent from all sin.. God loves his people. Jesus healed people and miracles are still being manifested..

Missouri and Kansas have been spared compared to other states like New York.

Cumou speaks destruction over the people daily about how many victims there will be and with holding hydroxchlorquine that helping victims else where recover. His words are a snare to n.y. he gets what his mouth puts out... bible you shall have what you say.

There's also a problem with Dr. Brix and Dr. Fauci... both know this hydroxychlorquine is helping virus victims but they don't want virus victims to use it....

Why.. articles on 2004 in the lens a university paper story on Anthony fauci and the billions he received from Bush administration after 911 to allegedly develop what appears to bioterrioism viruses.

Lots of folks talking about it..

Then Dr Deborah brix patents on many vaccines and aids virus vaccines. Phillidephia inquirer news articles.

All very suspect...advising president shut down u.s. economy..spread mass fear... then rush in with a cure... and cash in.

Prayers for all virus victims and families.

Imagine if the 2 doc don't really want this invisible enemy gone...

Again prayer in the name of Jesus by his stripes you are healed. The bible blessing to you

Anonymous said...

Ummmm Ok.....

Anonymous said...

Umm sir, this is an Arby's

Anonymous said...

Dr F has been with CDC for 35 years, have literally 1 job to protect this nation from infectious diseases, received billions of dollars...why wasn't he and the cdc prepared.

Very questionable news says shut down until zero that even possible?

Byron Funkhouser said...

^^You people need to grow the fuck up.

Throw away your Bible & stop watching Fox Entertainment.

MDSF said...

.....Say there anony 1:27......since you're a troll.....and a jesusfreak at that.....I'll troll ya back........
Why does your god kill babies inside their mothers?
Why does your god kill babies as their born?
Why does your god give babies hideous birth defects?
...I don't have to 'repent' bc I'V NEVER SINNED, EVER!
But your god does, and won't. bc .....................
T here
I s
N o
G od!
.............Just thank god for this pandemic! Right?