Friday, April 24, 2020

Kansas City Blogger Shares Coping Skillz

Given the current Internets epoch of constant trolling, here's a practical reminder that those who dish it out can almost never take it . . . And vice versa . . . OR a great guide to slinking out of any relationship without taking about it:

The Scars of Verbal Abuse and How to Handle Them

The world often talks about physical abuse.


Anonymous said...

is her name really Hoor? Is she a sloot?

Anonymous said...

Not taking the bait on this one.

Yes, it would be easy to find fault and lump this offering in with the majority of HerCampus "I'm A Victim" psycho-babble, but this writer approaches her past victimization as historical footnotes rather than relishing in a permanent state of helplessness.

Other than a couple of minor grammatical mistakes (like comma placements) it's a worthy offering for those who may be needing a nudge to change their lives.

We wish Ms. Hamid (is that an appropriate salutation still?) a successful senior year, with actual in-person coursework, and encourage her (there's those pronouns again!) to continue writing creatively.

Anonymous said...

This women needs to get gas lighting straight. Gas lighting is verbal abuse yes, but not all verbal abuse is gas lighting. She is also a muslim? Well her very religion is abusive both verbally and physically.

Anonymous said...

Did she mention all the Women that verbally abuse ? or just poor me males only.

Anonymous said...

My Boss at a privately owned business used to abuse me and all others working there in the 1990's. Scream at the top of his lungs and "punish people in demeaning ways". So I sent his wife a letter stating that he was having a long term affair and listed the places he liked to dine out at as the secret meeting stops. She still doesnt trust him to this very day! Payback is sweet, so very sweet