Thursday, April 02, 2020

JoCo Suffers 4th COVID-19 Fatality

The local numbers continue to rise, here's the latest:

Fourth Johnson County, Kansas resident dies of COVID-19

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. - Officials in Johnson County confirmed Thursday morning that a fourth resident has died of complications with COVID-19. According to the update, so far 159 residents tested positive for the virus. Below is a chart categorizing the number of positive cases by age group.


Anonymous said...

JoCo was disappointingly slow on arranging testing. Now, they may never catch up. But they have excuses and double talk for their inaction.

Testing would have been the only way to crisis manage the virus until treatments and vaccines are found.

A county of smart people with graduate degrees is led by nice, nice bureaucrats who are unworldly, passive, and numb.

Anonymous said...

You see the CNN news today? Special study says 6 ft is not good enough. People can get it from just speaking to another person and doing that can cause the virus to "hang in the air". So now its recommended everyone, even well people, wear a "95 mask". They used to say only sick people had to wear "95 masks" and that it would not benefit the well people. But that was a lie so masks could be freed up for healthcare workers. So many "well people" got sick and maybe died as they were told they didnt need a mask. Best thing to do was to watch China - if everyone there had a mask, we should have done that too. Just cause we were prepared a lie was told that endangered well people and actually spread the virus even more.

Anonymous said...

I demand a shut down of highway 291, a 62 y.o. died on that dangerous highway, no traffic should be permitted on that highway. For that matter, WTF is Interstate 70 still open for, there was a fatality near BS, it could have been the first incident this year. People should take this seriously, why are we not stopping the VERY ECONOMIC engine in our State?!?!??! Highway 70 is dangerous, there are thousands that will come in contact with bad drivers and suffer a traffic related fatality.

Anonymous said...

Screw you @ 11:12. Why haven't we shut down fast-food restaurants, they are a direct tie to fatalities from morbid obesity? People interact with these dangerous places on a daily basis, stuffing their faces with food not approved as healthy by the government. SHUT THESE PLACES DOWN ITS FOR THE GREATER GOOD!

Anonymous said...

@11:14 I hope you relative gets fat and dies from it a-hole.

MDSF said...

....Trollin'...Trollin'....Trollin'....I see someone's Trollin'.........this site!.....

Anonymous said...

There are nearly 600K ppl in JOCO, the fourth death - holy shit need to close everything down until August.

Holy shit a total of 159 cases - has this really overwhelmed the JOCO health system and caused dire shortage of medical supplies. have you seen all the local news footage of overburdened and over run hospitals, ERs.

How many of the 159 cases actually have any severe symptoms?

What the fuck has the so called media actually reported about the deaths...prextg conditions age?

Read chicken little at 1102 watching CNN for "news" better not question anything and go straight to panicking.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Boomers, bye bye Boomers. Tick tock.

Anonymous said...

Joco has followed CDC guidelines for ordering and utilizing tests. Localities don't create their own test kits.

The fault lies with the Trump administration. They failed to act in January. They failed in development and distribution in February and March. They continue to fail now. They promised millions of tests to be delivered in early March and they still aren't available.

Blame the party that is actually at fault.

Anonymous said...

The CDC and WHO need to publish corona virus deaths by age group and also the number who died that had pre-existing conditions.

I read an article where the average age of Italy's deaths was 81 years old and 90% of the deaths the patient had two or more pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, heart failure etc.

Seems like the economy was closed down without truly analyzing the coronona virus data.

The denominator is grossly understated for computing the ratio
of the % of American deaths to total corona virus cases because the denominator includes only those cases reported.

There are millions of unreported corona virus cases that should be included in the denominator because the individuals symptoms were mild and were never reported because the individual thought they had a cold or flu.

Thus, the denominator of total cases is grossly understated and the % of deaths to total corona virus cases is grossly over-stated.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that Italy has had a major uptick in elderly deaths for the last decade or so as their equivalent of the boomer generation has come to that point in life. Their hospitals are significantly over occupied in yearly flu, let alone the addition of SARS2.

Anonymous said...

^^and yet not one word of that is true. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Johnson County citizens want and expect best practices in government, from local infrastructure to schools to policing AND to public health.

The local government response to a public health crisis has not been best practices but a "we have excuses for our inaction" average at best.

Anonymous said...

It's clearly time to enact the final solution. The one the progs hope for. We must IMMEDIATELY, shut down everything to save everyone. Grocery stores NOW: you're hungry, dig for worms and grubs peon, oh no yard, then you die! Pharmacies NOW: you need your life saving medication, NO, the greatest threat the universe has ever faced has descended, we must stop people from spreading the virus!!! In fact, the public must be ordered to stay within the confines of their yard, anyone leaving their yard must be summarily executed by the brown-shirts. Oh, you're a hoity toity with a big yard? Get in your house or DIE.

The problem is: what I see as over the top preposterous and ridiculous is literally the wet dream of the progs and their brown-shirts, the millennials.

Anonymous said...

Better do some studying kid. It's not just Boomers anymore. Karma, it's everywhere you're going to be!

Anonymous said...

I love how the party that screamed about government death panels for a decade are now fully on-board with fuck all the old people now. They die anyway, who cares.

That's your GOP. Death? Who cares. Fuck them.

What's really stupid is the false choice. They argue we can't let a few thousand (or few hundred thousand) deaths get in the way of profits. We can't ruin the economy over this.

The economy is already fucked. The two goals are linked, not an either/or. Even if you reopened everything tomorrow, nobody is going out to pack the restaurants, malls or movie theaters. Only when the health crisis is contained will you be able to even think about restarting the economy.

Anonymous said...

Joco can't manufacture tests on their own. Joco can't order what's not available.

Your false and shifting blame tactics aren't fooling anyone.

Anonymous said...

Who really gives a shit about testing, there is no lack of testing for anyone seriously ill.

Let's look at what really matters....who has it and who has severe symptoms - the elderly, the already sick and obese. Quarantine them.

If you are young or in good health you really have very little to fear.

Fuck the fear mongering lying media whose apparent only purpose anymore is to try to place blame for everything at trumps feet. maybe try just reporting facts that matter and leave the virtue signaling to the SJW panty wastes.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Anti-science dumbshit checking in @3:59.

Young people have died and continue to die from this virus.

There will be no reopening the economy without comprehensive testing of everyone, including asymptomatic carriers. Identifying those exposed and followup with contract tracing is the only way to prevent outbreaks until there is a vaccine.

Again, comments contradicting the CDC and telling others falsely there is little risk to the young and healthy is dangerous and should be removed.

Anonymous said...

No numbnuts, the risk to the healthy population is essentially zero. The young people dying have ALL had underlying conditions. Their anonymous "friends" that your MSM articles quote as "but they were in perfect health" means absolutely nothing. I notice none, not a single one that I've seen, or any links posted by communist progs, of supposed perfectly healthy young people, ever have a Dr. come on record to make those statements. It is fear mongering at its absolute worst.

Anonymous said...

4:38 - We are to trust the CDC? Really? Those career government asshats did not prepare the U.S. for a pandemic; and they had decades to do so.

There are going to be more lives lost as a result of civil disorder if they don't get people back to work so they can earn money to buy groceries and pay their utilities.

Anonymous said...

4:38 Using your logic we should close the economy down if there is a flu outbreak because some people are going to die. We live at risk of dying everyday of 100 different maladies,

Anonymous said...


@4:55 said "The young people dying have ALL had underlying conditions."

NO! There are tons of examples of young healthy people dying.

The death of a 25-year-old California man from the coronavirus infection underscores what medical experts say is a key point: Even young adults can be vulnerable to the virus.

The pharmacy technician had no known underlying health conditions, officials said.

He Was A “Perfectly Healthy” 44-Year-Old Father Of Six. He Died From The Coronavirus.

By all accounts, Mendez, who played college basketball at the University of Texas at San Antonio, was in excellent health. He was still active at his local basketball court earlier this month, playing up until the court was closed March 9, friends told KABB, the Fox affiliate in San Antonio.

A kid at heart, Mendez could often be found jumping on the trampoline with his three young boys, the youngest of whom is just 9.

A healthy 39-year-old DJ died of coronavirus. What his young widow and daughter want you to know

"They didn't want to test him due to his age and (because) he had no underlying health issues."

Thirteen-year-old Ismail Mohamed Abdulwahab, from Brixton, died from coronavirus after being rushed to King's College Hospital in London following breathing difficulties.

Luca Di Nicola, 19, originally from Italy but living in North London, passed away just 30 minutes after being rushed to hospital last Tuesday - from apparent fulminant pneumonia.

Neither of the victims had known pre-existing health conditions.

@4:55 needs to STFU. You are the absolute worst.

Anonymous said...

I guess in this free speech zone, it's perfectly acceptable to tell people the burning buildings are not really on fire and it's perfectly safe to stay in them or run back inside.

Deniers are a danger to the public. I don't know why their comments remain posted.

Anonymous said...

8 out of 10 people will show no or mild symptoms. That means up to 80% of cases will never be counted. That drops the death rate of Wuhan flu to around 0.5%. Which is not much more than a regular flu season. We will look back on this and see how over blown it all was.

Anonymous said...

CDC estimates that the burden of illness during the 2018–2019 season included an estimated 35.5 million people getting sick with influenza, 16.5 million people going to a health care provider for their illness, 490,600 hospitalizations, and 34,200 deaths from influenza. The number of influenza-associated illnesses that occurred last season was similar to the estimated number of influenza-associated illnesses during the 2012–2013 influenza season when an estimated 34 million people had symptomatic influenza illness.

Coronavirus isn't even close to the numbers from the last flu season.

Anonymous said...

Because the owner/operator of this shithole blog is an irresponsible fearmonger, 5:36.

Anonymous said...

Since World War Two the USA has spent $Trillion$ on "Defense", buying Many, many iterations of Jet Fighter Planes that never saw a single combat action from the factory to the scrap yard, Warship after warship that never saw action, Tank model after Tank model that couldn't do the job they were needed to do, all in the name of "keeping us safe"!

All that money could have been spent on making life better for the American People!

As it turns out, what we should have been worrying about was some guy named Wong Hung Lo with a $25 "Fun With Biology" kit!

Isn't it time to face military realities? Airplanes are out, Rockets and Drones are what we need! The entire Navy consists of Submarines and easy Targets! The Marines don't have time to plan elaborate Amphibious Landings in modern Warfare!

We have plenty of Nukes, Chemical and Biologicals are what we need to prepare for, and any foreign Military Actions will be on Land!

Cut "Defense" Spending by 50%, and spend the remainimg money where the threats are!

Anonymous said...

Bunch of pussies. 25 years ago, we would have all gone to work. People who got sick would go home.

Anonymous said...

I'm Joe Biden and I cannot spell cronie virrus.

Anonymous said...

This virus is more deadly than the flu and more contagious than the flu.

Even Trump had to admit that yesterday.

There is no vaccine, like there is for the flu. There is no natural immunity like there is for some flu strains.

Republicans that still lie about the illness and the numbers to promote profits over protection of health and life have to be removed from all positions of power. Maybe the virus will get them first and leave us all better off.

Anonymous said...

438 yes anything questioning the official narrative is dangerous and should be removed.

Anonymous said...

516 o fuck a handful of young ppl died out of a population of several billion, that is a shame but kc has had more murders than that in 3 months.

Anonymous said...

536 fuck off you anti american who wants to curb free thought, anyone who would sacrifice their freedom of expression is a fucking worthless tool. If your position is so right then it should be able to withstand questioning...pussy

Anonymous said...

Yes anyone who disagrees with you must be "removed" wink wink comrade.

Anonymous said...

I eat at Cracker Barrel, hot breakfast and some hot beetches!

Anonymous said...

7:10 pm needs to go hide in the basement with Sleepy Joe Biden till this corona virus panic subsides.

The only people impacted are 80+ year old elderly in nursing homes with various other ailments and HIV guys whose immune systems are already weakened. Thats why the media and Democrat Party guys are in such a panic because of their lifestyle.

Read the Old Testament about Sodom and Gommorah where corona virus is prophesized.

MDSF said...

....So anony 8:45.....why is you goof-fucky god doin' this to us.....
give us your profound excuses.....and happy pusover.........

Anonymous said...

You might be onto something 8:42.

I've read the Old Testament. There is much about an angry God that punishes his chosen people when they worship immoral and false prophets.

It appears fake Christian evangelicals are reaping what they sow for their devotion to the cult of Trump.

Anonymous said...

@5:16, you fucking mooley, I bit and looked started you links. The very first one you posted has exactly no facts, no Dr's determination. Young guy, active, family. Its fuckin' tragic, on an individual basis, but means nothing in the statistical analysis. He was in great health, says his family, he was active, say his kids. Bottom line, he had underlying conditions. It was a completely hysterical bullshit article with NO facts, NO actual information, put out to spread fear and panic, to people like you. I know a dude in the South metro who died of a sudden heart attack, mid-30's, active, apparently healthy, construction worker, wife and kids. Died from plaque build-up that was undetected, never had any signs to point to it. Fucking tragic, but 100% an underlying health condition.

I quit with your emotional bullshit list at that point. Put out legitimate facts. Get a Dr or autopsy that a young healthy person with absolutely no underlying medical conditions that died from SARS-CoV-2. THe bottom line is you can't, your prog masters can't. Death is tragic on an individual basis, not as a statistic. Causing massive degradation of the American family, a HUGE chance in increasing suicides, generation damage to us and our progeny for some fake-shit boogeyman that you progs set forth on us. I state again, American deaths from Covid will very likely not exceed our worst year of flu ~60,000 deaths. That's tragic but something we put up with because its life. More, I put out here that when the net monthly deaths from ALL causes will NOT be statistically different from this year or years prior. This is fact.

Anonymous said...

^^^ You are not stating facts and you're even calling your President a liar.

Trump said a good job and low number would be 100K to 200K dead. Not 60K. Speaking of facts, your opinion of not exceeding 60K deaths doesn't mean shit.

There are many, many document cases of young covid-19 positive patients with no underlying health conditions dying. Some dying are doctors and nurses themselves. But if are determined to call them, their families, and their test results a lie; you are simply a complete moron.

Millions more will need to be hospitalized, which means others will die from other causes because hospitals are overwhelmed. They will have staggering bills to pay.

You are a terrible human being. Since life means so little to you, just off yourself.
Don't take others with you with your lies.