Sunday, April 19, 2020

Interview: Mayor Quinton Lucas Proudly Proclaims Kansas City Was 'At Absolute Forefront' Of COVID-19 Mitigation

Local biz community critics have been criticizing his lockdown decisions. HOWEVER, re-framing the debate as a defense of this cowtown against East & West Coast critics offers an effective spin . . . Checkit:

Interview: Mayor Quinton on coronavirus closures, getting barbers back to work and local emergency relief funds

Photo by Jeremey Theron KirbyOn a typical Tuesday, the average American can spend an entire day busy with the business of life without once stopping to consider what's going on in the marbled halls of government. The coronavirus pandemic has upended that, as citizens face down the twin plagues of deadly disease and mass unemployment.


Anonymous said...

Lucas doesn't care about the low income people. He is a LIAR! He has made it impossible for them to live in KC and has taken away hundreds of affordable houses that were for rent due to his hatred of small business landlords. And to say he was worried about them???? Anyone who believes him is really really stupid!

Granger said...


The mayor is doing a good job.

People like @1:11 just want to collect their profits from Johnson County rather and risk the lives of their workers rather than see their own revenues cut.

Thank you Mayor Lucas for putting the people of Kansas City before profits.

Anonymous said...

Actually Granger he isn't doing a good job. So far he has shown no true leadership and is more or less carrying on the James legacy.

Anonymous said...

Q is putting a lot of local businesses out of business, thanks Q, we are behind you 100%...with love from Xi, the bankers and bankruptcy lawyers.

Remember sweden did nothing and is no worse off, but actually better off.

Anonymous said...

Lucas is a fucking piece of shit. And if you like him and think he's doing a good job, then your a piece of fucking shit too.

Anonymous said...

Not true.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately for smiley selfies Lucas, soon enough the emergency will be over and making ponderous self-important speeches, endless local TV appearances, and pandering to the crowds will no longer pass for actually governing KCMO. And all the problems that were there before the virus are actually worse now.
Tough choices and decisions are going to be necessary if the city can even begin to function financially.
And it will have to be debt service first and basic services to residents last, as usual.
No planning or building financial reserves for a rainy day will take a terrible toll.
The downpour has arrived.

anon said...

Is gopher boi still hiding in his basement? Why isn’t he defending his boss?

Anonymous said...

To be exact he is doing a great job to keep us safe and not trying to let others get sick. SO keep ur mouth shut if u dont know!