Sunday, March 22, 2020

Show-Me Rumor Fact Check And Mission Statement Via Missouri National Guard

An important response to social media speculation and reassurance from these soldiers.

The local mention:

"We are not pre-staging at Arrowhead, we are not sending tanks to downtown St. Louis. What we are doing is supporting the governor of Missouri and the community that each one of our Soldiers and Airmen lives and works in . . ."

Read more:

Missouri National Guard working to protect the community and refuting rumors

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Ohio Republican Gov. Mike DeWine has stepped into a national spotlight in his fight to stop the spread of coronavirus. He was among the first governors in the country to begin aggressively shutting down activity in his state. He also activated the National Guard to assist with food delivery at a time when [...]


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Harold Eugene Johnson said...

The Missouri National Guard hasn't been very successful against COVID-19. Tax dollars are being wasted, and the virus is still spreading.