Sunday, March 22, 2020

Kansas City Sunday News Look

For this Sunday we offer a peek at pop culture, community news and more info from across the nation and around the world . . .

Kansas City Creative Class Connect With Fans By Way Of Social Media Streaming

With Events Canceled And Venues Closed, Kansas City Artists And Institutions Get Creative

To try to prevent the spread of COVID-19, most arts organizations in metro Kansas City have canceled performances or closed, at least temporarily. That's hitting revenue streams pretty hard, including independent artists who rely on crowds or personal contact to make their money. "It's an incredibly tough time," said Maite Salazar, a poet and writer.

Kansas City Market Endures Coronavirus Threat

City Market open for business with modifications due to COVID-19

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As residents continue to stock up on groceries, vendors and farmers at the City Market say they are open for business but are taking precautions following concerns about the coronavirus. "(Customers) can actually pull up, give us a list.

Angel Candice Endures

Candice Swanepoel sports a tiny bikini at the beach in Miami

There's a global pandemic raging - but you wouldn't know it looking at supermodel Candice Swanepoel. The South African stunner looked carefree as she spent time with her two young sons in Miami on Wednesday. Showing off her svelte model figure, the 31-year-old wore the teeniest of bikinis as she helped her boys build sandcastles on the beach.

In Defense Of Prez Trump

Shameful media still slamming Donald Trump during coronavirus crisis: Goodwin

The coronavirus epidemic is shaking humanity and turning the world upside down. Quick, somebody alert the media. The Washington press corps is covering one of the largest, continuing stories in recent history the same way it has covered the Trump administration since Day One.

Cuomo For Prez???

Cuomo's coronavirus TV briefings may have Biden, Sanders worried

Have Democrats found an alternative to Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders for the party's 2020 presidential nomination? Some seem to think so: The hashtag #PresidentCuomo -- referring to New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo -- was trending on social media Saturday as the party's voters continued to mull who should take on President Trump in November.

Mr. Market Defies Experts

As Dow wipes out over 3 years of stock-market gains, here's a warning about calling the bottom

How much worse can it get? That's a question many investors are undoubtedly asking themselves after a week of historic volatility that saw stocks suffer another pummeling and drove the Dow Jones Industrial Average to its lowest close since December 2016 as the global COVID-19 pandemic promises to push the world into recession.

TKC Reader Suggestion: Kohl's Shut Down Across Nation

Kohl's to close all US stores due to coronavirus

Kohl's Corp. is closing all of its about 1,100 retail stores nationwide in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Kohl's stores will close at 7 p.m. local time Thursday, the company announced in a news release. "To demonstrate our support of the efforts underway to contain the spread of the coronavirus, we are closing all Kohl's stores through at least April 1.

Italia Confronts Crucial Challenge Amid Rising COVID-19

Italian PM warns of worst crisis since WW2 as coronavirus deaths leap by almost 800

Italy has shut all non-essential factories as the country takes increasingly drastic measures to halt the epidemic that claimed another 793 lives on Saturday to take the national death toll to 4,825. In a dramatic late-night television address on Saturday, Giuseppe Conte, Italy's prime minister, warned the nation was facing its gravest crisis since the second world war and said all non-essential businesses must close until 3 April.

Another Kansas City Foodie Take Out Guide

Where to find family meals to-go in Kansas City during the coronavirus pandemic

Service industry workers give up their holidays to feed us celebratory meals, serve us heavy-poured glasses of wine after a long week, slide us free desserts on our special days and lift our spirits around the dinner table. Now, more than ever, they need our support during the coronavirus.

Kansas City Super Bowl Champ Thrills Fans Stuck At Home

Bored Patrick Mahomes makes for a really entertaining Twitter follow

Even Super Bowl MVP Patrick Mahomes isn't immune to getting a little slap-happy while social distancing. With many people across the world staying home and practicing social distancing to help contain the spread of COVID-19, bouts of boredom are bound to pop up.

Kansas City Classy Sounds For The Stay At Home Order

Kansas City Symphony releases new podcast

Photo by Jeff Curnow The Kansas City Symphony released the first episode of its new podcast called "Beethoven Walks into a Bar..." The podcast features three hosts from the Symphony family: David T. Beals III Associate Conductor Jason Seber, Principal Flute Michael Gordon and Education Manager Stephanie Brimhall.

Chilly Sunday Forecast

Rainy, cooler Sunday on way


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Anonymous said...

Candice has inspired me. Bless her bikini!

Anonymous said...

cuomo showing real leadership.

he's way better than any others.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ +100

Anonymous said...

Isn't Salazar that Congress candidate who posted that phony picture of Cleaver with Bill Cosby? I wouldn't trust any publicity stunt from that twit?

Anonymous said...

8:52...yeah. I hear he has great mob connections!

Super Dave said...

Great story by the New York Post!

Anonymous said...

Yep Cuomo is so great that's why he's got high taxes, high crime, and everyone is leaving the State by the droves. LOL

Anonymous said...

^^^People left New York "in droves" in the 1990s!
The only people still living in New Your and Los Angeles are the Very Wealthy and those too stupid to get out!

Anonymous said...

^^^and yet you have no idea what you’re talking about. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Close down all bars a resturaunts?, close theaters and all non essential businesses? - makes sense, until they still allow commercial passenger flights, people allowed to be in larger groups of ten in line at Walmart, the virus isnt a joke, but they way the leaders are handling it IS!! If you want to shut shit down to stop the virus- the you gotta shut everything down, with exception of police , fire, EMS, Hospitals, utility workers, etc anything else is just BS! I think most people have enough food to last them 2 months by how empty the grocery stores are, and most of them could stand to miss a few meals anyway!!!