Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Kansas City Southland Burns Tonight Amid Metro 'Fire Weather Watch' Tomrrow

It'll be windy and try tomorrow as well . . . Here's the latest on tonight's local blaze and more deets about a weather service warning . . . Read more:

Firefighters battle 3-alarm fire at apartments that caught fire Wednesday

Kansas City firefighters are battling a fire Wednesday night at the Willow Creek Apartments where crews battled a multi-alarm fire last night.Fire crews were called at 9:34 p.m. to the 100 of West 99th Terrace on the fire.


Smokey the Bear said...

Earning their wages, is a start.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Hope those hose draggers stay up all night throwing spooge on the campfire!! They are good at it, just ask my ex wife, while they didnt tell theirs!!! The Fire service man hoes wouldnt understand honor or good moral turptitude if it fucked them in the ass!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet your industry is staffed by incorruptible angels like you.

Anonymous said...

Wow KCFD fucked up and a rekindle took place. Lady Fire Chief needs a butt chewing over this.