Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Kansas City Now Counts 2 COVID-19 Cases

They're unrelated and health officials are hoping to track their contacts . . . Here's a worthwhile round-up . . . Read more:

Kansas City reports first two cases of COVID-19

The Kansas City Health Department announced Wednesday the city's first two cases of COVID-19.Health officials said the cases involve a woman in her 40s and a man in his 30s, both of whom tested positive for the coronavirus.While Cass, Jackson, Johnson and Wyandotte counties have all recently announced cases within


Anonymous said...

The blacks at my work are losing their minds over kc having two cases, just wait until there’s more, it’s gonna be ugly.

They be demanding they get paid time off until this is over.... UNTIL THIS IS OVER!

Anonymous said...

Kansas just mandated quarantine to any who traveled to hotspots in the country. Idiots here in Missouri who traveled there and to Europe are not following voluntary quarantine. Time to take out kneecaps.

Anonymous said...

Black people do not have minds in the sense that other races have functioning brains, sir.

They're going to spread this around like crazy. I'd have them all fired.