Monday, March 23, 2020

Kansas City Middle-Class Parents Already Complaining About Family Life Under 'Stay At Home' Order That Hasn't Really Started Yet

The homeless and working-class are already suffering hard times and many others are out there risking their biscuit every day at ESSENTIAL jobs . . . Here's a glimpse at a middle-class story of inconvenience as the pandemic worsens and people will hopefully eventually stop writing this kind of playful garbage or at least quarantine it among their frenemies on Facebook.

More importantly, this one reminds us of a glorious time when The Pitch was once the home of edgy writers who challenged the status quo and were able to craft witty text that spoke to an army of local scumbags . . . Now the content seems mostly geared toward housewives and their side-hustles.

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"To say its been an unproductive shit show is probably pretty accurate."

I haven't talked to a parent in the last week and a half that is not - at a minimum - halfway freaked out. It's of course due to, you know, pandemic and potential economic collapse, but in almost equal measure none of us know what the fuck we are going to do without daycare or school.


Anonymous said...

Obey minions

Anonymous said...

Hows all that debt you've wracked up to "live the life" feeling now?

Anonymous said...

Stop whining slaves.

Anonymous said...

Companies that are involved in birth control might be a good investment for the foreseeable future.

And maybe teachers will be more appreciated and maybe even paid better.

Anonymous said...

It's funny how the "teachers make too much money and have too much time off" crowd seems to be the group not able to handle the lockdown. If you can't put up with your own kids, imagine dealing with everyone else's.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to start complaining. It's the only way this nonsense will end. Joco moms may be worth something after all.