Sunday, March 22, 2020

Kansas City 'Essential' Biz List

There is dignity in all forms of work and the "essential" terminology is starting to work the nerves of working people . . . Nevertheless, this list is important to see what has & hasn't been shut down for the next few weeks . . . Read more:

Here is a list of what counts as essential activities and essential businesses during stay-at home order

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - On Saturday, officials with Jackson County, Johnson County, Kansas, Wyandotte County, Leavenworth County and the City of Kansas City, Missouri announced a "stay-at-home" order. On Sunday, Platte County and Clay County in Missouri and Douglas County in Kansas announced they were joining in on the order as well.


Anonymous said...

Lawn care is essential now WTF.

Anonymous said...

^^^Yes I agree totally fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

No mention of plants and factories. Anyone know?

It might be said depends on if the plant is essential or not. Guess what? I don't think the virus gives a shit. But if it is only to keep the burden off the healthcare system, I guess you and your family get a special service that thanks you and them for your families ultimate sacrifice for your community.
Gun salute but no fucking fly over.

Says only real threat is to high risk, guess what again? A lot of people have family that's high risk whether or not you personally are or not. BTW young people with no risk have been infected. Severely infecteds outcome is not good even if one survives.

This is not the sniffles but until the infection and death rates overwhelm, alot of naysayers will have stretched this out longer than necessary. By that time those who still have their ass hanging out on the line will have been infected and inturn their families at home.

The major mistake is trying to normalize this PANDEMIC. We must switch from denial to intelligently adapting to a new normal for awhile.
I am usually the eternal skeptic. Just think if I was panicking. MyBad