Monday, March 09, 2020

COVID-19 Killed Kansas City Spring Break?!?

Expect a bevy of college youngsters moping around around travel is likely not an option amid pandemic fear.

Meanwhile, TKC is still depressed that we haven't seen that "Spring Breakers" sequel that was promised. 

A local hot take:

Fox4: Spring Break plans may be altered by coronavirus


Dr. Norman sat down with FOX4 to answer what should cancel a Spring Break trip . . .

So is it worth it to travel?

"I would definitely say that it depends on what are the hot spots," said Dr. Norman on Sunday. "I would not go to Seattle right now, for example."

He continued, "I would not go to Northern Italy. I would probably not go to Germany, certainly not Iran or South Korea. Would I go to South Padre Island? Or Florida? I think it would probably be okay to travel there. I think a person should be cautious about going into large groups of people."

Best travel practices according to the good doc . . .

"Dr. Norman said driving would be less risky than air travel. He noted if you travel on an airplane with someone with COVID-19, you could be quarantined. That would mean an additional 14 days out of work and away from the public. While many workplaces are trying to be flexible with work-from-home options, many others are not. It could mean using up extra vacation days, or missing pay because you miss work."

So when should you panic? "A person should never panic," said Dr. Norman with a smile.

Developing . . .


  1. Chatted with a friend this weekend who worked for FEMA for decades - knows his stuff. When asked about COVID-19 panic, he said he's taking his kid with him on spring break to Seattle.

  2. According to LiveScience, about 3 000 droplets of saliva are expelled out of the mouth at speeds of up to 80 km/h in a single cough.

    Coughing spreads droplets as far as 6m (half the length of a telephone pole), and sneezing up to 8m.

    These droplets remain suspended in the air for up to 10 minutes, allowing ample time to be breathed in by other people.

    Even when the droplets hit a surface, the viruses can survive and become airborne later. On paper, virus particles can survive for hours and on steel or plastic they can survive for days.

  3. New World Order

  4. Bill Gates warns that the next pandemic disease is coming

    Apr 27, 2018 - The next deadly disease that will cause a global pandemic is coming, Bill Gates said on Friday at a discussion of epidemics. We're not ready.

  5. Masks only work 80% if you do about 10 other things in a very precise way. The average person is a cretin who got D in high school science. Your average 1918 Spanish flu victim was probably better educated than the modern smartphone cretin.

  6. Will a beer bong protect me?

  7. Sorry that Girls Gone Wild type videos will be few this Spring...

  8. HIV didn't stop the smashing. Teens will be teens. Young and dumb.



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