Tuesday, March 03, 2020

Coronavirus Assurance In Johnson County

We start by focusing on the good news. On the down side . . . There isn't a bottle of hand sanitizer to be found West of Mission Road.

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Johnson County Health Officials Are Monitoring 'Fewer Than 30' People For Coronavirus Symptoms

While no coronavirus cases had been identified in Kansas or Missouri as of Monday afternoon, the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment on Tuesday was monitoring "fewer than 30 individuals" for coronavirus symptoms, according to Steve Maheux, Johnson County's emergency preparedness coordinator.


Anonymous said...

Sunday, none here.

Monday, we're monitoring 2 at B&V.

Tuesday, fewer than 30.

Tomorrow, Thursday, Friday... anyone care to guess?

I see what direction this going and it's not good. That fake travel ban didn't work.

Anonymous said...

Black and Veatch did this. They will be sued Big Time if anyone dies. Deep pockets, and plenty of greedy hungry personal injury lawyers chomping at the bit to start filing lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, B&V was doing some China project - $ means more than safety.

Anonymous said...

Sued over the flu or any other virus? Not likely. You can't prove who spread what. That falls under act of God.

Otherwise, let's sue the government for allowing dangerous travel in the first place. Can't be done.

Anonymous said...

It is an insidious bio weapon designed to sicken a population to the point of surrender. Twenty percent of the genome is HIV not occurring in nature. The bullshit story of the virus starting in the meat market was perpetrated to mask their illegal research after all commies and filthy Muslims don’t adhere to civil societal rules. Let’s face it when this shit hits the liberal ran shitholes of LA and San Fran with homeless shitting in the streets packed in tent cities it will be hell to pay and all we can hope is it wipes out the criminal leftists first seeing as they’re blaming trump for this shit.