Friday, March 20, 2020

City Hall Deep Clean Friday Morning Amid Kansas City Coronavirus Lock Down

Just a reminder and link to the 12th & Oak website that's hard to navigate but better than nothing . . .

City Hall closing Friday morning for deep cleaning

Residents urged to use city's digital resources

Kansas City, Missouri City Hall will be closed from 6 a.m. to noon on Friday, March 20, for a major deep cleaning that will support efforts to protect residents and our employees from the coronovirus.

No one will be allowed inside the building during this electrostatic cleaning, which uses a sanitizing spray to kill germs on all surfaces.

However, we are still very much open for business and we’re encouraging you to work with us to stay safe and help limit the potential spread of COVID-19 by using the online tools we already have in place.

Mayor Quinton Lucas updated his State of Emergency proclamation on March 16, disallowing any gathering or events with more than 10 attendees. Mayor Lucas said he will re-evaluate this, and other restrictions, by April 1.

We have taken several steps to ease foot traffic at City Hall and at other city facilities without compromising timely delivery of city services. We also are posting regular updates on our website, where you can track cancellations and any breaking city-related news.

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Anonymous said...

Lucas is deathly afraid of getting the Kung fu flu, all the koloreds are really scared.

Anonymous said...

It will take more than that to clean out that filthy shithole.

Anonymous said...

Kansas Shitty! We can do this!

Anonymous said...


"City Hall will be closed from 6 a.m. to noon on Friday, March 20, for a major deep cleaning"

6 hours?
Deep Cleaning?
29 stories tall?
A cleaning crew of how many?
Will the crew be in coveralls and face masks?
Will the air circulation systems be sterilized?

Assuming (incorrectly) that you can completely sterilize the building, what happens as soon as you reopen City Hall?
Stealth transmitters walk in and quickly contaminate the entire building. But the photo-ops were terrific!

Anonymous said...

Where’s Q?

Anonymous said...

All good until the person coughs. The "deep cleanings" are pointless. The virus survives for a short period of time outside the host. Stop coughing on the coworkers.

Anonymous said...

This is no doubt the dumbest think from the Lucas crew yet. We all know not a damn thing different is going to be done. More Fake News from 12th and Oak.