Saturday, February 01, 2020

Kansas City Suffers 16 Homicides To Start 2020 On Deadly Record Pace

The start of the year is usually much more peaceful given cold weather and people working to pay Christmas bills. This headline with more info behind the paywall chronicle rising violence across the area and the tragic new normal . . .

With 23 killed in 31 days across metro, Kansas City has deadliest January in a decade

Emilio Lopez's friends didn't even hear the gunshot. Lopez had stepped out of a friend's home before 7:30 p.m. Jan. 24 in Kansas City, Kansas, when people he knew drove up. His friends stayed inside playing Xbox. Minutes later, one shouted that Lopez, 18, wasn't moving. They called paramedics.


LiberalismHasFailed said...

If Quinton would look at and comprehend the KCPD’s data he would immediately know the who and what for KCMO’s homicide problem. The police already know the cause of the high homicide rate but do not want to directly say it. Everybody seems to be dancing around the cause of the high homicide rate.
Kansas City, Missouri is 55 percent white and 30 percent black. The Kansas City Police Department puts together one of the more thorough homicide analysis available in the entire nation on a yearly basis.
The 2019 KCPD Daily homicide analysis noting of 148 victims:
77 percent were black
18 percent were white
But what was astonishing about 2019, was the race of the suspects in these homicides: 91 are black, four are Hispanic and 12 are white. Stated another way this means, 88 percent of known homicide suspects in 55 percent white Kansas City, Missouri in 2019 were non-white.
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Anonymous said...

This is something the Black racist Revs should be celebrating. Their constant meddling in politics and police business is yeilding these results. Clearly relocating police stations and throwing people out of their houses hasn’t worked. Oh well, on to the next scheme to siphon taxpayer resources to religious organizations who don’t deserve it nor do they have any influence whatsoever to stop it.

Anonymous said...

I commend you, thank you! This is why I venture to this site, because every now and then you can find a diamond in this mountain horseshit of this blog. Kudos and way to go for being on point with the facts.

Anonymous said...

The koloreds ruin everything


Anonymous said...

Better throw more money at it, more grants for the "crimefighters"

Murder and crime are big business for the reverends, their families and friends with kickback political donations to the council.

I am not suicidal.