Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Kansas City Sanctuary For Dreamers???

A look at some locals hoping to assist youngsters caught up in a human rights crisis whilst others argue to enforce immigration law against tots. You decide:

Company wants to open facility in KC that could house immigrant children separated from family

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new juvenile detention center proposed in Kansas City could also be used for immigrant children separated from their families. One metro attorney said it's a potential "stain on the community" and could stir up protest in the metro.


Anonymous said...

Try this hat on for size. House them where they came from. What a novel idea. Our problems are always those that originate from another locale. Contravirus sure made the anti vaxers sweat. Then the anti wall people wanted them barred from free travel. Seems those civil rights don't mean much when an anti vax might die. Guess they never caught on to why we do medicals for legal immigration. Anyone catch TB lately from a jungle boy ? Wonder why they haven't LOL.. You might catch Tb from an illegal jungle boy however.

Anonymous said...

didn't read;too incoherent

Anonymous said...

Kansas City should not have any Gulags.

Representative Fart and Swallow-well said...

7:56 Too many big (more than 3 letters) words for you?