Friday, February 21, 2020

Clay County Conversation Shut Down

Northland residents are stuck with online bullying as the debate regarding sketchy real estate has been shut down. Checkit:

Public discussion blocked on rent-free deals for 2 Clay County officials

Clay County staff has blocked a proposal for public discussion about controversial rent-free leases provided to top county officials, according to the county's presiding commissioner.The developments come after a KMBC 9 News investigation uncovered the lease deals earlier this week.Presiding Commissioner Jerry Nolte submitted the lease arrangements as a discussion


Anonymous said...

Stonewalling once again by Ridgeway and Owen, with the added insult to Clay County residents of Ridgeway trying to inject a charge of Gender bias into the issue!
What a feeble diversion attempt!
Merely another example of Luanne's contempt for the Public, since she apparently believes we can't see through her weak claim.

No, Luanne - there is no "attack" on female employees, there is light being shed on the misfeasance of you, Gene and your Minions!

Anonymous said...

The problem with all government elected jobs is gross over payment We need to reduce the pay to average citizens income. Put term limits on all. Reduce the pensions so we dont get these losers that only want a free salary I think some of these steps would bring people in that dont need the salary and basically want to serve the people as the system was originally designed to do. Now all we have are free loading pieces of shit that want to sit on their asses get paid pay their friends snd family then walk off with a nice fat pension Our government was designed to serve the people not to be a career