Saturday, January 11, 2020

Show-Me Senator Hawley Fundraising Amid Strident Prez Trump Defense

Update on the Missouri politico and his latest e-mail blast from the Turner Report. Read more:

Josh Hawley plea: I am a target because I am fighting for President Trump- send me money

In his campaign's latest pitch for cash, Sen. Josh Hawley stresses that he needs more money because Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer know he is not afraid of them and they are trying to run out of office. Correct me, if I am wrong, but isn't the senator's next election in November 2024 nearly five years from now?


Anonymous said...

What the hell is Hawley running for now?
"Send me money for my Campaign?"
Hell, he barely got into Office as he Missouri AG and then started running for the US Senate, now he hasn't been in the Senate a year and he's begging for "Campaign" funds?

Do something, shithead - do something except kiss Trump's ass, and you might stand a chance of getting re-elected, even though that would mean you'd have to come back to Missouri to campaign, no matter how distasteful you find that idea.

Hyperblogal said...

He's just too busy running for President to represent the folks back home.

Anonymous said...

He’s still better than air claire

Anonymous said...

Best box in D.C. . Hawley is the one.

MDLQ said...

...SHEP SMITH IN 2020.....