Thursday, January 09, 2020

Remember Kansas City Country Club Plaza Back When It Was A Neighborhood

EXCEPTIONAL history here from the Midtown KC blog offers a glimpse at the evolution of this town's premiere entertainment district before it was an embattled night life destination and simply served to provide shopping and bring upscale tourists into a middle-class enclave . . . Read more:

Plaza's Nordstrom Block Has Seen Changes Before

Change is happening on this Plaza block from 47 th to 48 th between Jefferson and Summit, the site of a new Nordstrom store. And it isn't the first time the block has been transformed. Back at the beginning of the 20 th century, small homes populated by working-class families lined the west side of Summit Street.


Anonymous said...

Back in the days before became the Playza.

Anonymous said...

^^Thanks Maude, but we have better things to do than play "remember when" you apparently don't!

Anonymous said...

It's weird how much the plaza has changed even in the last 10 years...and not for the better

Shit, even back in the 90s there was a drug store and actual shopping for the everyman. Now it's for a specific market of people. Used to actually go there and shop for stuff that wasn't vanity items

Anonymous said...

Oh Chimpy. Both your short and long term memory are not on par with the most challenged human children! Lol

Chimp along now.