Thursday, January 23, 2020


The cycle of violence continues today as dreary weather doesn't depress gunfire . . . Checkit:

Three people shot, including a child, near 57th and Wabash in KC, officials say

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Three people, including a child, were shot Thursday night in Kansas City, police say. The shooting happened just after 5 p.m. near 57th Street and Wabash Avenue, according to officials. At least one of the victims is in critical condition, and one of the adult victims was grazed by a bullet to the head.


Anonymous said...

Want to place bets it was a White NRA member with a legal gun ? I bet it was that dude from India. You see their pictures every night as the murderer.LOL

Anonymous said...

A dispute over the finer points of John Donne's poetry, no doubt. When will it end?

Anonymous said...

Were they negroes, Tony? Why don't you say so, Tony? Why are all the people shot and shooting in KC negroes, Tony? And why don't you make the connection, Tony, WHEN ALL OF YOUR READERS DO?

Anonymous said...

Of course they were kneegrows silly boy! We know it, everybody knows it.

KKK From Raytown said...

You know they don't have any gun deaths in Japan, but they don't have any negroes either.

Anonymous said...

All these new programs, announcements, press conferences, Lucas selfies, interviews, and visits to crime scenes don't really seem to be doing much to reduce KCMO homicides.
In fact, January if off to a truly terrible month.
Maybe putting more KCPD patrols in the highest crime areas of around sixty square blocks in the urban core, defund all the worthless fake "anti-crime" nonprofits, redirect COMBAT funds from jokes like KC NoVa and who knows what else, and get serious about honetly defining the issue and problem.
Lucas is off busy punting this issue like he has many others.
Unleash the feds, bring serious federal charges, have judges issue serious sentences, and get these destructive thugs off the streets.
Nothing good can ever begin to happen without some reasonable degree of safety in these neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

So, you're saying that video of random people and popos having that hip hop meetup by the Liberty Memorial hasn't STOPPED killings in the 5th most murderous city of this nation! Told ya, that cRAP was shady just like Beyonce's butt on the sinking cop car was. Take a knee! BLM! Barry's sons all up in the Democrim-run cities that are top-ranked for homicides!

Retro ROCKER said...

There is much anger in the U.S.BUT the blacks handle it differently. And yes The Nation knows The crime problem. Remember it is not politically correct .TO tell it the way it is .Look,At the Black politicians. See how angry they are .even Cleaver. You can tell his anger when he speaks in Congress.