Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Kansas City Foodie Wars Start 2020

Locals have far less cash for fine dining and so the trash talk among hipster hotspots is ramping up. Here's scintillating insight into the constant struggle to impress and appease Becky & Karen . . . Checkit:

As Options For Dining In Kansas City Increase In 2020, So Does Competition Between Restaurants

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Lorem Ipsum said...

Hints for Restaurant "Entrepreneurs" in KC.

1) Identifiable food (serve what you customer will want to eat, not what the "chef" feels like making).

2) Reasonable prices (not necessarily cheap or even moderate, but at least affordable).

3) Well-Trained Service Staff (pleasant, knowledgeable, and CLEAN).

4) Service defined by attentiveness, not attitude.

5) Good Service.

(Then extend this list as necessary by repeating 3 through 5 above until both you and your staff realize how to make money and succeed.)

Anonymous said...

^^Thanks Grampy. Stick to Bob Evans. It's all you know.

Anonymous said...

Oh Chimpy. Are you bored with the food in the zoo? Lol

Anonymous said...

8:56 FTW

9:44 LOSER

Anonymous said...

Hints for TKC "Restaurant Customers" in KC.

1. Don't walk in and flash your AARP card and ask about discounts.

2. Don't waste a table all day sipping coffee reading the paper.

3. Change your diaper before going. You don't want to stink the place up.

4. Don't throw a fit when you want your dinner at 3:30pm and they don't open until 5pm.

5. Prune juice isn't on the beverage menu, so don't ask for it. And pudding and Jell-o probably isn't on the dessert menu.

Anonymous said...

^^Ha! That's funny right there!! So true too! LOL!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@9:44 and @11:47 (and same guy again @12:21) - I'm @8:56, heading to Grunauer for lunch, have a yen for Paprikahuhn - see you there?

Anonymous said...

^^^^Hey dickwad, I'm 9:44AM. I certainly didn't write 11:47's post, but it was damn funny and right on the nose too! I think that's why you got your diapers in a bunch about it. Isn't it? No, I won't be going to Grunauer for lunch, but take 11:47's advice to heart. Don't go in there with a shitty diaper geezer, you'll gross everybody out.

Anonymous said...

Look you no class bitches, Super Dave on one of his blogs makes the perfect comment about opinions as related to eating out. 9:44 and 11:47 why are you so dumb and ill informed? Did mommy keep you on the tit to long?

"Restaurant discussing is like talking about politics. Not everyone will agree with your views. Millions everyday can't wait to get to a McDonalds and I myself won't touch the swill."

Anonymous said...

^^Who gives a fuck what you think retard. Nobody asked you shit! Mind your own business douche bag. When we want your opinion on anything, we'll give it to you! FYI>> Stupid dave is a low-functioning retard who can't tie his shoes. Nobody, and i do mean nobody gives a damn about him! You're dismissed!

Anonymous said...

^^^Getting knocked the fuck out really hurts doesn't it. Maybe you should talk less and less and less. Better yet go ride your bike on SW Trafficway.

Anonymous said...

^^Por old stupid this the best you can back with? I mean you got run by 1:13 and here you come limping back with this retarded shit? You have to use another poster's catch phrase because you're too dumb to come up with your own? No wonder everybody makes fun of you. It would be sad if you weren't so pathetic, instead it's fucking hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with 8:56 a.m. (Lorem Ipsum). Most of these trendy places aren't focusing on food. It's drink, drink, drink. And drink some more. They could serve you library paste, and your taste buds wouldn't know the difference.