Friday, January 10, 2020

Kansas City Artsy Cash Consideration

We've been talking this story last year but here's public radio offers canned responses and the continued hope that real life LOCAL ARTISTS MIGHT FINALLY benefit from so much taxpayer subsidized funding used to garner cultural cache for elected officials.

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With Millions Of Dollars On The Line, Stakes Are High For Kansas City's Art World In 2020

The KCUR news staff presents the State of Kansas City series as a look ahead to 2020 on topics of importance to the region. Find the State of Kansas City report on other topics in the series as they are published each weekday, Jan. 6-Jan. 20.


Anonymous said...

State of Kansas Shitty series

Anonymous said...

Art funding is welfare for brats that's parents have cut them off.

Anonymous said...

^^OK Boomer. Die now please.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Like your parents artsy fart so you can inherit their money instead of having to sponge off taxe payers.

Anonymous said...

^^Unlike your parents who actually did shit and didn't come on the blogs to cry and moan about the "youngsters" and waste what's left of your pathetic and lonely life alone and angry. Sorry, not sorry, you failed...bigly.