Thursday, January 23, 2020

Deadly Mass Shooting Argument Aftermath: Kansas City 9nine Ultra Nightclub Security & Second Amendment Gun Rights Saved Lives

Fair play and perspective from this crew that works an exceptionally dangerous job. Read more:

9ine Ultra Lounge security company speaks out for the first time since deadly shooting

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the fist time, we're hearing from the security company who hired guards to keep 9ine Ultra Lounge safe. That's the bar where two people were killed and 15 others hurt in a shooting Sunday night. The company, Total Care, was hired to protect this bar just two months ago.


Anonymous said...

How would you like to do security in a black based bar ?

Anonymous said...

^^How would you like to work????

Anonymous said...

Nice platitudes towards the guard who did the shooting, but if they're like 95 percent of the other security companies out there they fired his ass the minute his management got on scene. It's what they do to separate themselves from any liability, no matter how justified the shooting the companies will always throw their guard under the bus.