Friday, December 20, 2019


Disqualification for those who answer Trump or Mayo Pete's wine cave.

Before we really get started this morning, here's a run down of our favorite news links on the topic . . .

TOAST TO 2020!!!

Why Democrats are debating over a wine cave

The term "wine cave" was thrown around repeatedly Thursday night at the Democratic presidential debate during an exchange over how Pete Buttigieg is funding his campaign.

Show-Me Claire McCaskill Stepping Up Her Pundit Game

McCaskill: Democratic debate 'felt like a bucket of cold water on a hot day' after Trump impeachment

Fmr. Senator Claire McCaskill reacts to the December Democratic debate by calling it "a bucket of cold water on a hot day" after following the impeachment process of President Donald Trump.

Senator Bernie Sends Message

December Democratic debate: Bernie Sanders calls Israeli PM Netanyahu 'racist'

Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders blasted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a "racist" in front of a national audience at the Democratic debates Thursday night. The Vermont senator was fielding a question about how he would handle US foreign policy in the Middle East when he made the shocking declaration.

Yearbook Answers Last Night

Miss America or Democratic debate: Can you tell the difference?

The sixth Democratic presidential debate and the 2020 Miss America pageant fell on the same day this year. The two events couldn't be more different - or could they? If you're not a regular pageant viewer, you've still probably seen the viral videos that pop up from time to time of a contestant's cringe-worthy sound bite.

Biz Dude Real Talk

Andrew Yang was the only Democratic debate candidate to answer the impeachment question honestly

The final Democratic debate of 2019 happened in Los Angeles tonight, and not surprisingly, the first question out of the gate was about last night's House impeachment of President Trump. Specifically, moderator Judy Woodruff of PBS NewsHour asked the candidates why, if impeachment is so necessary, more Americans are not on board with it.

Burning Sensation

Climate gets a prime spot in the sixth Democratic debate

After five Democratic debates where candidates were often asked superficial questions about climate change, or no questions at all, the burning planet finally got its 15 minutes of fame on Thursday night. Well, 13 minutes, if we're being precise. But those 13 minutes contained one of the strongest climate discussions in the primary so far.

Wall Street Pete Clowned For His Fancy Tastes

What's a Wine Cave Anyway?

Trump Administration Lists Wakanda as Free Trade Partner on Government Website No One in the Senate Is Going to Follow the Rules on Impeachment. Try This Instead.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, Mike Pence won last night's debate because Trump will be removed and he'll have to face one of these candidates.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Unlikely.


Anonymous said...

I think the homosexual won. His faggotry appeals to Democrats, because most of them are faggots too. If only Democrats had a candidate that was black, homosexual and mayor of a Midwestern city. Wonder where they could get one someday.

Anonymous said...

Claire needs to get her story straight or maybe she's just that stupid. Trump has not been officially impeached yet. Just because a bunch of democrats voted does not mean the impeachment is a done deal. But then again that's the shallow and narrow mind of a democrat, in their sick mind they think if they say so it's is so. How funny. We are waiting for your Queen Nancy Pelosi to make her next move.

Anonymous said...

^^^^^You may have a long wait. Remember Merrick Garland? Payback is a bitch!

Anonymous said...

Trump has been impeached, he just hasn't been removed from office.

Rudimentary Constitutional Law 101.

Anonymous said...

^^^ And won't be.

Anonymous said...

Many more people read this blog than watched that deadbate.

Jimmy Carter was a nuclear bomb compared to these empty headed, radical morons.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"Trump has been impeached, he just hasn't been removed from office."

Ah, it's not so simple. Many constitutional law experts believe that until the House delivers the articles of impeachment to the Senate, they haven't impeached.

Unknown said...

Donald Trump won. Definitely a group of unserious losers and limousine socialists.

Anonymous said...

It would be hard to find anyone more totally self-absorbed and delusional than a politician who has LOST an election imagining herself in a position to be a "pundit" and give other people advice.
Please go away!

Anonymous said...

@8:32, stated more bluntly than I will, but you're completely correct. There is no community that dislikes that particular type of mental illness than the black community. Now, most of those who are most vociferously opposed to that chosen lifestyle probably don't vote anyway. But, when they're busing them into the polls, do dems think that won't be a conversation?

Anonymous said...

Trump 2020 !

Anonymous said...

8:34: A fine point, but one can say without doubt the House has voted for impeachment. There's no Constitutional requirement that Pelosi deliver anything to the Senate in a specific time frame. She could (and may) hold off until after the election. Long live Merrick Garland!

Anonymous said...

Unlike old generals, superannuated leftist Democratic politicians like McCaskill and Hillary won't die and refuse to fade away.

Anonymous said...


Answer: President Trump

Because NONE of those losers can stand next to Trump on a stage and defeat him.

Yang and Steyer have no name recognition.
Klobuchar is not even close.
Buttigieg is a small-town mayor, only in the race because he's been promoted by the DNC and media as an openly gay man.
Bernie Sanders is an old angry Jewish man in a deli complaining about his cold soup.
Elizabeth Warren is a multimillionaire habitual liar co-opting Sanders message of "attack the wealthy."
Joe Biden is an ancient politician, now with cognitive impairment, who first ran for President in 1988, and can't even get the endorsement of Obama.

Anonymous said...

So instead of an actual impeachment process like any other, it's simple hate and revenge. Got it.

I mean we knew that anyway, but thanks for confirming it.

Anonymous said...

Delaying delivery of the Impeachment votes to the Senate keeps the stench of Trump fresh in the minds of voters heading toward both the Primaries and the Election.

Republicans blamed Paul Ryan for their loss of the House in 2018, don't expect them to be any more forgiving of McConnell, or of the IMPOTUS.

Anonymous said...

You mean it keeps the rogue impeachment fresh in the minds of independents who like it less and less, and galvanizes Trump's base even further.

Anonymous said...

Cory booker did the best in my opinion, he was outstanding!

Anonymous said...

11:38: You may be right--kind of like being impeached over a blow job. Payback is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

3:07 perjury it is what got him impeached in the house, that’s an impeachable offense that’s listed in the articles of impeachment. The ones that aren’t listed are the ones the dimwits impeached Trump with.

Anonymous said...

Again, get to know facts, like the fact that perjury is a felony.

But good job admitting this is all politicized spite and malice. You're more honest than the Dems.

Anonymous said...

$2 gasoline, 401k up over 20%, record high employment, new trade deals, Europe paying it's share in NATO, rejection of phony climate deals, visits North Korea, tax cuts....hey looks like Hope and Change to me. The Democrats would be erecting statues and asking for more if their god Odummy had done half as well. MAGA TRUMP MAGA