Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Wins Top Conservative Of The Year 2019

Right-wing pundits notice a strong year for this politico who DUNKED on Lebron James over Democracy in Hong Kong and served as one of the most outspoken defenders of the Prez. Here's the note:

Top Conservatives of 2019

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) was the conservative of the year in the Senate, despite being its youngest member in his rookie year. His landslide defeat of the entrenched liberal favorite Claire McCaskill was the biggest victory of the midterm elections, and Sen. Hawley then exceeded all expectations.


Anonymous said...

His defeat of Claire was well deserved. She had even started to believe her own lies.

Anonymous said...

He "exceeded all expectations" - hmmmm… let's see.
He was expected to accomplish nothing - check.
b) He was expected to parrot the White House line of bullshit - check.
c) He was expected to do absolutely nothing for the people of Missouri - check.
d) He was expected to grab every possible headline - check.
e) He was expected to spend most of his time in a frantic hunt for a permanent position in his home town of Washington - DOUBLE CHECK!


Anonymous said...

Did he parlay his position into an ocean front condo in the Cayman Islands yet ? Like Claire did ?

Anonymous said...


@ 6:16 Did you have a point! Your post makes no sense and shows your ignorance!

Josh Hawley

1. Collected medicated fraud restitution.
2.Investigations into Catholic sex abuse.
3. Investigations into opiod pill pushing.
4.Investigations into human trafficking.
Yep I would say he's a good boy and has done some good work so far in busting democratic fraud and prostitution for the people of Missouri.
5. Orchestrated a sex trafficking sting in Springfield MO
6. Settled the blind pension fund battle.

Anonymous said...

^^And he shows a great box.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I’ll bet he’s disappointed he didn’t get awarded Michigan Man of the Year.....you know, that imaginary award that Trump keeps giving himself.

Hyperblogal said...

The fact that he's the top conservative speaks volume about the movement itself.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Senator Hawley! Glad he stood up to closet Libs sneaking their way into lifetime appointments to the Federal bench.

Anonymous said...

We need more leaders like him! That will very likely happen in 2020:)

Anonymous said...

The butthurt is strong with this one.

Anonymous said...

I like Hawley- would make a great president.
Wish he would have put the ex governor Navy seal guy behind bars.

Guess he can run after Trump in 2024 and make Missouri proud since we have been shamed over Eric Greitens.

Did the Seals ever take back his Trident? Where is he working now?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the same lame dem candidates run in 2024... easy win for Hawley.

If old creepy uncle joe runs again he will be 90-something

Grandma Hillary will be 80-something. Whatever happens to Vince Foster?

Anonymous said...

Foster’s story was on the bleached hard drive.

Anonymous said...

You left out the investigations into facebook and Hong Kong.

And what did those investigations all accomplish?


That's all it takes to be a great and successful conservative. Make a lot of noise about nonsense and do nothing, just like Trump. Good job.