Thursday, December 12, 2019


Here's what seems like an honest question from a denizen of our blog community on a tragic topic that earned even more local consideration than municipal struggles for social justice . . . Checkit:

"Noticed that you linked it earlier but I think the subject deserves more consideration. The suspect in the KCK mass killing escaped to Mexico and I think we need to examine the rise in recent South of the border drug cartel violence that seems to be growing in number this year. I think the question needs to be asked of local communities, including Latinos, Hispanics and Latinx: "Wouldn't feel safer if there was better border control in the future? Including (Prez) Trump's wall?

Of course I'm a Republican voters but I have many friends who are "progressives" and Independents. Because of recent violence they are reconsidering their position. I know the Wall is a controversial topic but I think it will come back into play in 2020. Please consider this using this question in light of the recent arrest."

We may not agree but we thank our blog community for reaching out . . . And even leaving thoughtful notes.

Here's further reading on the topic:

Dude Almost Captured In Dallas

KCKPD: Second suspect in KCK bar mass shooting captured

The suspect wanted in connection with a mass shooting at a bar in Kansas City, Kansas, is in custody, according to the Kansas City, Kansas, police department. Hugo Villanueva-Morales, 29, was wanted in connection with the incident at Tequila KC in which nine people were shot and four were killed in October.

Community Reax

Family, staff relieved 2nd suspect in mass shooting at KCK bar is in custody

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- The second suspect in the October mass shooting at a bar in KCK is now in custody, which is a huge relief for the folks who still work at Tequila KC and for the many family members and friends of the four victims. Hugo Villanueva-Morales was arrested in Mexico and is now in federal custody.

Local Resolution

Bartender who kicked Tequila KC shooters out finds some closure in suspect's capture

KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- The capture of fugitive Hugo Villanueva-Morales is good news to the folks at Tequila KC Bar, who have been looking over their shoulders ever since the mass shooting on October 6. "There was fear every day that he was out there," bartender Jose Valdez said.

Court Halts Wall Build

2nd Federal Judge Blocks Plan To Use Pentagon Funds For Border Wall

A federal judge in California ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration may not divert $3.6 billion in Defense Department funds for construction of the wall on the southern border. The ruling by U.S. District Judge Haywood S. Gilliam Jr. is the second court decision in two days blocking the administration's effort to reallocate money Congress has appropriated for other purposes.

Big Bucks For Prez Trump Wall

Pentagon watchdog investigating $400 million border wall contract

WASHINGTON - The Defense Department's internal watchdog is investigating a $400 million border wall contract awarded to a firm that used multiple appearances on Fox News to push for the job. The Pentagon's inspector general sent a letter Thursday to House Homeland Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson telling him the contract awarded to North Dakota-based firm Fisher Sand and Gravel Co.

Walls Not Bombs?!?!

Our defense spending is up against a wall-Trump's border wall that is

It's the last official week of the 116th Congress, and lawmakers are running out of time to finalize a military budget for the fiscal year that began October 1. The House and Senate each passed a version of the annual National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA, but after convening in September, the conference charged with resolving the differences made exceptionally slow progress.

Veep Shares New Plan

Biden immigration plan includes more foreign aid, no border wall

(Reuters) - Former vice president and Democratic candidate Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled proposals that include new protections for immigrants and increased foreign aid that he would pursue as president, drawing a sharp contrast with President Donald Trump. The policy plans distributed by Biden's campaign do not include funding for a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border championed by Trump.

You decide . . .


Anonymous said...

The wall is just another scam to take money from dimwits and give it to contractors.


Ren said...

Build bridges not walls.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Please STFU and go back to grad school.

Anonymous said...

Build the wall and put Biden on the other side of it, man that guy is stupid.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ Being stupid seems to be the major qualification for being President these days!

Harold Eugene Johnson said...

Government contracts usually cost far more than private contracts. In addition to being too expensive, I have seen reports on the net saying this wall can be opened with a portable chop saw and less than five dollars worth of gasoline. Further construction should stop. It is time to plan and construct a wall that will work.

Reason KC said...

^^^ +1

Anonymous said...

The wall was a dumb idea. This reports comes from the US department of homeland security: "Only 46.7 miles have been built two-and-a-half years into Trump's presidency."

The wall was a joke.

Anonymous said...

Border crossings have declined 143% over the past 6 months on a rolling 12 month basis.
Migrant move caravans are now non- existent.
Mexico has enforced intra-illegal aliens travel from adjacent countries.
The wall has been advertised by photos and migrant center photos and wall photos en mass.
This is a presidential promise kept.
Pelosi has no answer for the homeless crisis in California.
The border war is not KU vs K-State... that term is highly offensive to Pelosi and Schiff.
The border was is in California and they would rather spend all their time doing stupid impeachment that hurts America than help their own homeless people.
Karma is a bitch in 2020.

1. Trump re-elected
2. Schiff and Pelosi laughingstock material
3. Newspapers have no answers while supporting liberal ideas that hurt minorities (they hate minorities)
4. Green New Deal bans newspapers on driveway
5. Economy continues hard line to prosperity

You have to love how Dems flush themselves down the toilet... while they know it and can’t help themselves.

Anonymous said...

A wall only makes sense if you read the real statistics on violent crimes in America. Not the fake one blended to throw the average person off.

Anonymous said...

Just have Greta Thumberg stand at the border, facing south. Seeing that scowling, obnoxious mug would make people reconsider their relocation plans

Groota Thundercunt said...

Trump will continue to Make I$rael Great Again. Enjoy your fantasies of politicians that care about Americans.

Anonymous said...

3:20 - first off, you're full of fucking shit. Very little, if any, new wall has been built. I know Trump keeps trotting this lie out in every dumbass rambling speech he makes but it's a fucking lie and it's fucking embarassing and an indicator of what sad state our country is in when he does it all the time and you dumb dumbs believe it.

Secondly, if immigration is down so much, why do we need a wall?

Does anyone have an answer for the homeless crisis anywhere? Trump sure as shit doesn't. So, whatever.

Trump has an excellent shot in 2020, because there are some many stupid voters like yourself who are hopelessly unreachable with facts.

Anonymous said...

Over 3 years after Trump's election and still no wall.

There won't be one.


Anonymous said...

Lmao great post

Anonymous said...

There are walls going up on Private Land haters!