Friday, December 13, 2019


City Hall policy took a backseat to progressive politics as a throng of cowtown culture warriors SHUT DOWN LANDLORDS and flexed on the City Council.

In the long run, we don't know how they're gonna come up with ONE-MILLION-BUCKS IT WILL REQUIRE TO ENACT THIS LEGISLATION or if this effort won't' confront MORE GUTTING behind the scenes but that doesn't change the litany of good press the newbie mayor has earned from this move. Take a look at the biggest example from our local left-wing cheering section:

Mayor And Housing Advocates Claim Victory As Kansas City Council Passes Renters' 'Bill Of Rights'

The Kansas City Council on Thursday resoundingly passed what advocates are calling a historic resolution, codifying protections for renters. Mayor Quinton Lucas, who often talks about his lack of stable housing growing up in Kansas City, made affordable housing a flagship issue of his campaign.


Anonymous said...

Because Mayor Lickass is so stupid, shouldn’t he wait to see the results before a victory is claimed?

chuck said...

I think landlords should be forced to have gender reassignment surgery too, depending on how many homes they lease out.

For example: If they own one home, then SJW's should be consulted and the penalty for that, would be a tattoo of Ru Paul on their arm.

Two homes, = a tattoo of Chastity Bono on their foreheads.

Three homes, = forfeiture of all of the property to Freedom Incorporated, a tattoo of MLK on one cheek of their ass and a tattoo of Rex Reed on the other cheek and a trip to a forced, tax payer funded gender reassignment surgery with no anesthetic.

These landlords MUST be punished for their greed and Patriarchy.

Anonymous said...

This is not win, it is appeasing the mob.

Super Dave said...

This isn't a win. This is going to not only haunt the Mayor it will hurt those who want to rent places to live in Kansas City. Costs will be incurred with this and those costs like in anything else will be passed on. But rumor has it the fat lady hasn't finish sang yet. Nothing can be legally fought till it's been made law. Watch for an injunction to come about.

Super Dave said...

7:35 I have heard that kind of talk leading to this ordinance passing as it is being done more or less to shut these people/advocates up but that it probably won't be enforced. So as you think there are those who also think this was nothing more than a publicity stunt by the new Mayor for use in later political campaigns.

Greta Thunberg said...

Make the landlords stand out in the December weather on the first of every month, naked in the winter time. It won't be that bad, cause..., you know, the climate is changing, and..., you know..., it's hotter and my pet Polar Bear almost drowned.

Anonymous said...

This is nothing more than Government tyranny. People think this is great but instead of punishing the shady absentee landlords from places like California, they are going to punish locals, some being good landlords. Does the city administration realize what they are doing to small business and Lucas wants to talk affordable housing? This guy is beyond stupid and has just ripped affordable housing apart not to mention putting a decent family next to a rapist or murderer with his policies.

AOC said...

You guys don't have a degree, like I do, in economics.

It is simple.

Everyone can be happy and make a fortune under my plan.

The landlords will be forced to cut a check to the people renting from them. If they get enough people renting, then volume will cover the costs and everyone makes money.

Anonymous said...

Democrats, silly Democrats. Give us the moon we will pay for it later.

Anonymous said...

Look man we just want a healthy home to rent so we can concentrate on priorities. Getting hair and nails done, the best phone, fresh ink, a flat screen TV and an expensive car with an interest rate that’s out the window.

If we can make the rent after that we'll pay it!

Anonymous said...

Ultimately, the tenants will turn on Mayor Selfie. No pleasing the tenants with a free lunch, if the lunch isn't to their liking. The result may be an increase in rental unit quality; but an increase in the rental unit quality will result in an increased price. Quite a few of the rentals are rentals due to failure to pass mortgage inspections so the units aren't high quality units regardless. The owners may attempt to price out the troublesome tenants with higher prices associated with higher quality units. There is a reason so few of the new units built are "affordable"; the people living in affordable housing are the most expensive people to rent to...

The City of Kansas City MO need to improve both the tenants and the landlords. Unfortunately, the current initiatives will simply empower the tenants.

Anonymous said...

They need to make the ordinance only apply to people who own 10+ properties or something. Otherwise this really hurts regular people

Anonymous said...

The ordinances, as passed, were significantly altered from their original form by landlord advocacy groups to the point that much of the legislation consists of hollow references to existing law and the balance are highly subjective and hard to enforce desires. If anybody got played, it was KC Tenants.

The end product is a poorly drafted set of ordinances that just add confusion for both landlords and tenants as well as those who will be charged with enforcement of those same opaque ordinances.

The true victor is inefficiency.

Anonymous said...

10:05 is spot on.

Unknown said...

Notice how justice and social justice are not the same thing.

Anonymous said...

Top 8 Council ambitions:
1. MLK renaming of a street of airport.
2. Fund grocery stores in the urban core.
3. Let felons out of prison asap.
4. Give folks free bus service.
5. Throw massive amounts of money at 18th and Vine.
6. Continued wast of money on Jazz Museum and its board.
7.Fund the murder cottage industry groups.
8. Make sure landlords are saddled with added burdens.
Top three needs of the City:
1. More Police on the streets
2. Tougher crime punishments. More prosecutions.
3. Basic services, roads etc. For all parts of the City not just the urban core.

Anonymous said...

Please, everyone, remember this list when you vote.

Anonymous said...

Great now we can get some Section 8 and low income tenants in all the exclusive ritzy hoods to add some color, frostyness, and excitement!

Anonymous said...

A couple of the former comments hit the nail on the head.
First, this is nothing more than appeasing the mob. And coming so soon after the MLK street naming fiasco and its aftermath, it's a really bad sign of not being serious about thinking things through.
And secondly, the mob will surely turn on smiley selfies Lucas and the gang who voted for this as one after another, "activists" report situations that turn out to be not to their likely and expectations.
And there will be no end to the drip, drip, drip on social media about broken promises and victimization.
Having "issues" that can never fully be resolved to their satisfaction and DEMANDS is what activists do.
It's a shame that the lightweights who "govern" KCMO don't really have priorities, municipal interests, or an agenda themselves, but let themselves to be passive targets of every little special interest group and their demands.
Meanwhile regular residents and businesses, taxpayers both, are left trying to pay for all the "historic progress" while they continue to suffer from poor basics like streets and safe neighborhoods.

Anonymous said...

This is stupid.

Renters get evicted for not paying rent.

I'm not renting to someone who has been evicted. They won't pay me either.

I don't rent to felons either. They are nothing but trouble.

Screw the Mayor and City Counsel.