Friday, December 06, 2019

Kansas To Feds: Start Killing!!!

Legal death outcry from a state that hasn't had an execution since 1965 . . . Read more:

Kansas AG Urges Feds to Carry Out Executions

Kansas Attorney General Derek Schmidt is urging officials to carry out the scheduled executions of five federal death row inmates who have exhausted their appeals. One of the inmates faces a federal death sentence involving crimes in Kansas.


Anonymous said...

Tax payers are tired of supporting the large criminal class. Release of some of the animals results in more crime. We need to widen the scope and speed up the death penalty. Three strikes and your dead should be the law.

A Moment of Your Time Please said...

6:07 is he best comment I have seen in here ever.

Byron Funkhouser said...

An unnecessary barbarism that serves to useful purpose but the devaluing of human life.

Anonymous said...

Richard Grissom deserves death. But stupid laws wont allow it. He now has just as much right to life as a minister, me/you, a 10 year old kid, or a Royals player. Even though he murdered an elderly lady and then 3 to 4 other young ladies. But he has the right to live and you cant even slap him lightly without being charged yourself. We need to start killing criminals at a high rate like in the old days. The new days "ideas" are just stupid. If judges will not support this, they must be replaced with non-wimps.