Friday, December 06, 2019

Kansas City Early Friday News Look

We start the end of the work week with Ashley inspiration and a great deal of community news, pop culture and random items of interest . . . Checkit:

Kansas City Freebie Redux

Kansas City makes public transit free to ride, while Portland cracks down on fare jumpers

Kansas City, Missouri city council members voted unanimously to abolish bus fares Thursday, while authorities elsewhere are increasing efforts to crack down on fare evaders. Residents will soon be able to ride buses in the city for free, in a move that will cost around $8 million per year.

Northland Hot Mess

In Parkville, gadflies are buzzing and state investigations are underway

Photo by Zach Bauman Jason Maki doesn't even live in Parkville, Missouri. He resides in an unincorporated part of Platte County that borders Parkville. But Maki has paid more than $10,000 for open records requests from the city in the last year. Something's rotten, Maki believes, in this quiet river hamlet, population 6,700.

Traffic Tragedy

63-year-old KCMO woman struck by car, critically injured

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - One person was seriously injured Thursday after being struck by a vehicle in Kansas City, Missouri. According to Kansas City police, a 63-year-old woman from KCMO was attempting to cross the intersection of West Linwood Drive and Poplar Avenue from the south around 3:40 p.m.

Good On Mayor Nice Guy

Kids at Operation Breakthrough make KC mayor's ugly Christmas sweater


Billionaire Real Estate Crisis

Photos: Napa Valley mansion owned by Kansas City Chiefs tycoon gets $5 million price cut

The price of a Napa Valley vineyard ranch owned by Norma Hunt and the late Lamar Hunt - sports pioneer and longtime owner of the Kansas City Chiefs - has been reduced by $4.95 million to $15 million. Click here if viewing from a mobile device.

Hottie Social Share

Ashley Benson Photoshoot by Nicholas Maggio 2019

Ashley Benson - Photoshoot by Nicholas Maggio 2019 The former Pretty Little Liars star looked fresh from a swim with damp, dark hair and a sheen of moisture coating her flawless skin. While she has spent the majority of her career as a blond, she recently made a change, dyeing her hair brown.

Lady Love Tribute

Cara Delevingne Gushes Over Girlfriend Ashley Benson's Naked Body

Cara Delevingne can't help but gush over her girlfriend Ashley Benson . The Vogue cover girl left a cute comment on a nude photograph of her girlfriend on December 5. Cara, 27, and Ashley, 29, have been linked since August 2018, but the couple confirmed their relationship in June with a PDA-packed Instagram video.

AOC Talks Prez Trump Cuts

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blasts Trump administration for cuts to food stamps, sharing that her family 'might've just starved' without them

Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York slammed the Trump administration on Thursday over new changes to the food stamps program that will cause nearly 700,000 people to lose access to the program. The Trump administration on Wednesday finalized a rule which would tighten work requirements for able-bodied adults enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).


O.J. Simpson Cuts a Rug with 2 Blonde Women at Vegas Bar

Play video content Exclusive Here's O.J. Simpson dancing his face off at a Vegas bar with TWO blonde women ... who don't seem to care that he killed 2 people back in 1994. The 72-year-old convicted felon hit up the Sand Dollar Lounge on Wednesday night -- sporting a dark beanie -- and hit the dance floor hard!!!

Show-Me Dairy Tour

A look inside the Shatto Milk Company

OSBORN, MO (KCTV) -- Have you ever been to the grocery store to pick up milk and asked yourself, "I wonder where this came from?" Well, the answer very well may be that it came from Osborn, Missouri, which is the home of Shatto Milk Company.

Help Find Old School Dude

Kansas City police searching for missing 81-year-old man last seen Wednesday

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police are searching for a missing 81-year-old Kansas City man. Gardner Warren was last seen at about 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 4 near E. 35th Street and Forest Avenue. He was driving his light blue 1992 Chevy S10, which has custom rims and the Missouri license plate 5TC-925.

KC Forecast For Now

Temps cool for your Friday

The low will start near freezing again, with northeast winds picking up to near 10 to 15 mph. It won't be nearly as warm on Friday. The high only gets to near 40 degrees.

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Anonymous said...

The bus will be broke in about five years. When Quinton is running for congress. Thanks Q!

Anonymous said...

AOC family would have had to get jobs ?! Oh no !

Anonymous said...

Eliminate welfare for all but the elderly and handicapped, the rest can find jobs

Anonymous said...

^^^Or, and hear me out, get rid of fossil fuel subsidies and corporate tax loopholes? Crazy idea, I know. It might fill some budget holes. No, no, let's go after this small little line item in the budget because hey, everyone can get behind hating poor people.

How shitty is your life that you get pissed off at someone who relies on food stamps?

Anonymous said...


When I caught neighbor Ashley taking a late-night dip in my pool, to make amends she invited me to COME in the DEEP END!!!

Anonymous said...

7:45, exactly which fossil fuel subsidies are you talking about? Do you refer to the legal tax deductions and credits that the Tax Code affords every kind of business?