Monday, December 30, 2019

Kansas City Blogging Better 2020

More than any other Kansas City celeb . . . Michael Mackie's blog proved to be a game changer and offered a more thoughtful and REAL representation of the human behind the media image. In his latest post he shares a confessional look at this year in review and hope for the future. Checkit:

Why 2019 Was My Best Worst (Worst Best?) Year

"I saw a recent tweet that said, "I'm going to stay up until midnight on December 31st-just so I can watch 2019 die." While I'm not quite that fanatical, I'm glad to see this year come to a close."


  1. Gay people are so self absorbed, it's probably unusual for them to even notice the weather.

  2. ^^^ yet you think anybody gives a sh* what you think. Weird.

  3. I enjoy M2's writing and happy to see it pop up here from time to time.

  4. Oh Yah it's like why not begin a lucrative and exciting career as a blogger!

  5. What a weirdo

  6. Nothing Like Reinforcing Gay Stereotypes

    COMPLETELY self-absorbed (as astutely noted above).

    His life is a train-wreck in slow motion.

    Illicit drug use (Xanax and weed, etc.)

    Love/Hate relationship with father.

    Obligatory transvestite photos.

    Hmm, I wonder why so many in society think this is representative of all gays?

  7. Dude is a great writer, he shares interesting details about his family and his life. He is better than most. If you don't like it, get your own blog!

  8. Dont worry Mikey,Scott will eventually give into your subtle hints that you want him to ram your asshole whilst falling off the wagon and finally realizing Kelly dont really love him.

  9. ^^Get a diaper change STAT! You reek Matlock!

    1. Oh Chimpy. Still obsessed with human feces and television. Stay in your lane dumb monkey! Lol



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