Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Corporate Welfare For Tech: Kansas City E-Scooter Parking Coming Soon???

Bigger & better cities have banned these nuisance machines but KCMO might soon pay big bucks to help accommodate scooter companies that aren't viable for the long term and might soon fall out of favor and disappear very quickly.

Kansas City experiments with parking for scooters

Trendy electric scooters like Bird aren't flying south for the winter. They're here to stay along with e-bikes and other two-wheeled rental shares. The city is experimenting with a way to get them out of the way.


Anonymous said...

Lab Rats of Killer Shitty

Anonymous said...

All cities that have had these scooters had taken them off of the streets knowing it was a failure. Kansas City being run by stupid black democrats who don't even know they bite the hand that feeds them still think this is a good idea. But then again they can't think outside of the plantation. I always wondered why their head and ears were so small.

Anonymous said...

Unicorn, the electric scooter startup from the co-creator of gadget tracker Tile, is shutting down operations after blowing all its cash on Facebook and Google ads but only receiving 350 orders for its glossy white e-scooters.

Hahaha sounds like the kind of company KCMO loves to give incentives to.

Anonymous said...

Top 5 Things KC should do to help scooter companies:

1. Raise earnings tax to 2%. Give half to scooter companies and half to the star so they can write stories on Saturday and keep up with TV.... which they don’t now, but maybe they can go easy on the crossword puzzles and comics.

2. Rename Paseo to Scooter Blvd. No need to vote... who would notice a 2nd time since the star won’t publish on Saturday.

3. Offer Parks and Rec to maintain the scooters. To get the money- sell the plaza tennis courts.. true fact: KC Parks & Rec own the Plaza Tennis Courts and could sell for millions so the big chains could offer more calories.. I mean good and Chinese goods. Why is it a secret that no one wants people to know the Parks & Rec is sitting on millions while rich people play for free?

4. Off keys to the city. Then they could open up the jail and let the inmates out so people could see how bad the jail is a make Schiff see where he should sentence himself for putting America through nothing.

5. AOC’s phone number. It’s green tech so she can help vouch. Just don’t tell her about all the old people who still get dead trees on their driveway everyday except Saturday (soon).