Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Show-Me Meteor Confirmed Over Missouri

Quick glimpse at the sky falling amid the era of climate change fear . . . Checkit:

Meteor over Missouri Monday night confirmed by NASA

According to NASA, it turns out that fireball blazing across the sky seen by eyewitnesses in eight states on Monday night was a meteor. Here's the official rundown from the NASA Meteor Watch Facebook page: "At 8:51 Monday night hundreds of eyewitnesses located in Missouri, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and Minnesota reported seeing a very bright fireball.


Anonymous said...

Well crap, I was hoping it was Claire's plane coming in for a crash landing.

Anonymous said...

^^and we all hoped it was you going into the light! Dang!

Anonymous said...

11:10 - You said "dang" this time instead of your usual "weird" after everything you post!...thats incredibly weird!!