Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Kansas City Power Ranking Push Back

This JoCo mag earned some encouraging thoughts from those forced to read it in their doctor's office AND/OR married to the housewives dedicated to publishing it but for the most part the plebs didn't pay much attention to people with slightly more power to get their parking tickets fixed.

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What readers had to say about our list of the city's most powerful people

The Power List Our November issue featured a list of the fifty most powerful people in Kansas City, which we defined as having the ability to get big things done through money, connections and charisma. The unranked list included a wide variety of people with pull in this town, from Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes to Kansas Gov.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful that this rag's first "comment" is yet another ad!
Only unusual thing is that the "435"ers didn't get any "pay to play" for a comment.

Hyperblogal said...

The most powerful people are never seen.

Anonymous said...

Mahomes isn't a power player or even powerful. I saw him on TV last night with his live in and he sat there acting like he didn't have brain one. He will be a power player in this town when he has that ring, until then he is just an overpaid nothing. Put Mahomes and Davids in the same room and then let a 5 year old walk into the room and the kid would then become the smartest person in there.