Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Celebrate New KCI Fake Drawings!!!

More art on the subject of the new airport as progress is stalled for the winter and community complaints rise . . . Read more:

Renderings released for new KCI parking garage

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - New renderings from the Kansas City Aviation Department show what the new parking garage at the single-terminal Kansas City International Airport will look like. The renderings were released in conjunction with the city department's Build KCI project partners, led by Edgemoor.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a $2 billion farm shed.

Hyperblogal said...

This architecture is so innovating it's mind blowing. No one has ever used right angles like this before.

Anonymous said...

$2B total cost and this is it? What an unimaginative, bland, and non-inspiring pile of shit. Somebody’s getting really, really rich off this boondoggle. Thanks, idiots, for voting for this waste of money. Don’t forget, “No taxpayer money will be used,” yet the general fund has already been raided for emergency ordinances and all new roadway work.

Anonymous said...

Ugly. No imagination. Sad.

Anonymous said...

No need to be concerned about the "design" of this project.
From the looks of it, the first really good mid-west thunderstorm that rolls through town will make all the necessary changes to the building.
At the same time, this "project" answers the question of where all the Russian architects went after the fall of the Soviet Union.
Will there be a mausoleum inside where all the good ideas went to die?
What a fiasco!

Anonymous said...

Looks like shit as expected. Nothing new or exciting.

Anonymous said...

Still boggles the mind how voters voted "yes" for something they knew very little about. Months have passed since the vote and voters know very little more now than they did then. Only in KC. smh