Friday, October 18, 2019

Journalism Navel Gazing Ranked Top Activity For Unemployed Kansas City Star Reporters

On an otherwise PERFECT fall evening offer our condolences for all of the retired, unemployed and marginally employed journalists who are forced to track the mundane behind the scenes deets of a crumbling newspaper.

Here's a REAL SCOOP: Nobody else cares. It doesn't even make good social media gossip.

And so, here's a reliable and well-written note about print media shifting that won't help all of the "journalists" in Kansas City find any other work than freelance gigs for charitable organizations and non-profit outfits.


The Kansas City Star's Editor Is Now Its President As Publisher Exits For Wichita

Tony Berg is out as publisher of The Kansas City Star and Mike Fannin, its editor since 2008, has been named president of the newspaper. Berg was named publisher and president of The Star in January 2016, after his predecessor, Mi-Ai Parrish, left to become publisher of The Arizona Republic.

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Anonymous said...

Suggestions for Mike Fannin:
1. Electronic edition largely hard to navigate. The new edition maybe worse. Locks up- can’t go back easily for me- not intuitive for me- I have a great connection and the latest device- make it Work like USA Today.
2. Allow comments. Don’t be a chicken shit. Take 2 of your low achievers and have them moderate it. It will make your reporters write better more balanced stuff and fluff both.
3. No one care about your editorial board. They divide readers. Put them on the street doing stories... Investigating is better than opinionated BS.
4. Give the paper away free. Seriously. Think how your readership will go up 100 times what it is today. Marketing will have to be hired by the tens every month. What you are doing is not working. This will be copied by everyone. Don’t do it and you and I both know where your stock will be each time we take a crap.
5. Smile and show your teeth. No one likes a schmuck. You get to make a second first impression by writing something and putting your pic on the cover. Do it soon and smile. Your photo looks like Slots Grobnik... Mike Royko’s old buddy... at least what I thought he looked like... just smile buddy. If you have crappy teeth no one cares... more personable.
Do these 5 things and success is guaranteed. Don’t and no one cares how many awards or Pulitzers you win. Paper is largely unreadable compared to yesterday and unrecognizable. Good luck!
Easy money says you won’t do any of these and are de-listed in 24 months.