Thursday, September 19, 2019


Like most things via app, not much was accomplished . . .

Via Tweet:

Just finished meeting w @facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Had a frank conversation. Challenged him to do two things to show FB is serious about bias, privacy & competition. 1) Sell WhatsApp & Instagram 2) Submit to independent, third-party audit on censorship. He said no to both.

Further reading:

MC: Hawley Suggests Facebook Sell Instagram, WhatsApp in Zuckerberg Meeting

Blaze: CEO Mark Zuckerberg admits that Facebook 'made a mistake' with 'fact check' of Live Action, senator says

CNBC: The meeting was part of a tour through Capitol Hill for Zuckerberg, who has taken meetings with senators on both sides of the aisle.

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

Good for Hawley. He's doing a decent job and glad we got him over air claire who be doing absolutely nothing except 'orange man bad' over and over like an autistic parrot

Anonymous said...

Yale versus Harvard to see who will claim the title of who's looking out for the little guy.
Once you've perfected hypocrisy there's really no limit to how far you can go in politics.

Anonymous said...

Crap @6:04 the "autistic parrot" label fits Hawley a lot better, at least McCaskill got SOMETHING done in office, Crawley has been there nine months and ain't done shit except desperately grab headlines.

Of course, now that he's back in his old hometown of Washington, he's been too busy hunting for a job that will let him stay home to actually do anything. Hopefully he's land a position soon, resign, and Parson can appoint someone who will do something for Missouri. Haw

Retro ROCKER said...

What a Liberal to do. Missouri is getting more red. And the people moving into,Missouri are more conservative. They are moving out of Democratic controlled States. That have raised taxes.

Anonymous said...

Dumb cunt.

Anonymous said...

What don't dumbfuck Republicans go start their own social media if they're so concerned about being censored? I don't buy this censorship bullshit but if you're so butt hurt about it, start your own platform. Oh wait, Storm Front is already out there. Nevermind.

Hawley spending time on this shit is just to rile up his base of idiots. He did attend Ivy League schools so he's not dumb and knows how to manipulate people.