Friday, September 20, 2019

Show-Me Sen. Hawley Surprising Zuck?!?!

The Missouri politico is taking a victory lap on a friendly news outlet after the social media pioneer was polite enough to pay him a visit on the Hill yesterday. Take a look:

Sen. Hawley: Zuckerberg was 'stunned' when I called for third-party audit of Facebook on alleged bias

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley outlined Friday his tough questions for Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg on censorship and privacy on the social media platform, calling for the company to "take real action." "I told Zuckerberg that if he wants to get serious about censorship and proving that Facebook isn't biased, he ought to submit to an independent third-party audit," Hawley told "America's Newsroom."


Anonymous said...

So says Hawley - who obviously can't tell the difference between "stunned" and "fighting not to burst into laughter".

While he desperately seeks to find a job in his D.C. hometown so he never has to set foot in Missouri again, Hawley might be well advised to keep on sucking up to Right-Wingnut Groups, and leave the Creative Capitalists who are actually accomplishing something alone.

Less likelihood of Hawley continuing to make an ass of himself.

Anonymous said...

Zuckerman turned him down flat...Hawley accomplished nothing. That said, Zuck may well be a traitor, and he would not give any of you the time of day.

Hyperblogal said...

hawley is busy constructing windmills to attack