Sunday, September 01, 2019

Show-Me More Pushback Against Missouri Guv Parson On Gun Violence Uptick

Another glimpse at urban core resistance as Missouri's two major population centers offer a stern rebuke against Jeff City leadership. Take a look:

'Do Something!' Politicians, Faith Leaders Press Governor on Gun Violence

click to enlarge This summer, thirteen children have been shot and killed with a firearm in the city of St. Louis. On Friday morning, local leaders responded to cries for help with a cry of their own. "Our message is clear," the Rev. Darryl Gray said. "We are asking Governor Parson to do something."


Paul Drake said...

STFU --- Look at these headlines TKC Provides.

It's blacks.

Taking away guns, from whites, will do nothing more than make the disarmed whites vulnerable to the Democrat/Black/Killers that are the tip of the spear in the thrust for a Uni-Party Chi-Com dictatorship.

Black Thugs will fuckin NEVAR turn in their guns, or, submit to "Background Checks".

The Fascists who dominate the Progressive Left, would seek you gelded you dumb ass white boys.

Tell your dumb, dumb ass white wife, who voted for Obama, to make you a sandwich, then divorce her and marry an Asian.

Anonymous said...

This is NOT GOV PARSONS fault or his problem! This is the problem of democratic run cities that won't punish crime or hire enough police to handle the area!
Blame this on your new mayor, old mayor James and judges. Stop trying to put the blame on other people! STFU

Anonymous said...

"Our message is clear," the Rev. Darryl Gray said. "We are asking Governor Parson to do something."

You call that a clear message Darryl? It's not! Tell Governor Parsons exactly what you want him to do. Then you would have a clear message.

"If nineteen white children in the city of St. Louis had been killed, we would not have to beg this governor, or any other elected official, to act," Gray said.

The point, you idiot, is nineteen white children did not shoot nineteen other white children. Nearly all the shootings are done by blacks. Stop asking the government to do things and tackle the job yourself.

Anonymous said...

Black people causing the problems so the blacks should come up with the solution. No matter what the governor does they will scream it’s racist, besides, killa shitty and shitty Louis who have 95% of the negro’s in the state are the only two cities having problems, everybody else is doing great.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ All comments from white losers.

Martin Luther King BLVD said...

I think the chemical reaction coming from black people who only wash their hair once a month, even less if they have dreads or braids might have somethin da do wit all deez killins. I think the cracker man needs to luk into dis and take the burden off da blackened race, cuz it not be r fault, itz a chemical reaction the wrects our brainz whitch is wy we shoot other black folk. Fuck I am out of Mickeys, and gotz no money and dat makes me mad, and the nite is yung! Peaz my fellow niggas.

Anonymous said...

The Revs look like they're doin OK! Maybe, they ought to focus on the demise of The Black Family if they're serious about ending the violence. Odds are the Gangsters would see right thru this bunch of GRIFTERS. Hell, they'd probably whip their asses.

Anonymous said...


"Do something!" said the people.

"Vote for me, and I'll do something" said the black SLMO and KCMO politicians.

"What the hell did you do?" asked the people.

"I told the Governor he needed to do something!" said the do-nothing politicians.

Anonymous said...

He is doing something. He is ignoring you as he should. This isn't a gun problem it is a parenting/lack of respect for life problem.

Anonymous said...

If the so-called leaders in the Black Community cannot control their own people what the fuck is the White governor gonna do about it?