Thursday, September 05, 2019

Show-Me Community College Missouri FAIL

KCMO wouldn't be graced with this blog if there wasn't a high school 2nd chance on the way go city college Kangaroo glory . . . Somewhat similarly, here's life getting just a bit harder for broke-ass youngsters. Take a look:

Missouri's Community College Scholarship Program Isn't A+ For Low-Income Students

With college costs rising every year, Missouri's A+ Scholarship Program is a bargain - 50 hours of tutoring in exchange for two free years of community college. College access advocates, however, argue that the money isn't going to the students who need it most.


Anonymous said...

Gibs me an Associates Degree or you a Rayciss!

Anonymous said...

This would be good for Kansas City Public School graduates, except the grade school student would be tutoring the KCPS graduate. Most KCPS graduates are illiterate.

Cluck you, too, Roos!!! said...

Students at UMKC would do well to have Chick-fil-A on campus to offer great eats and good scholarships.

Oh, but, the UMKC leftist libs like those at KU would be offended, so, nope.