Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Rock Chalk Ricky Kidd Community Push Back

Fallout after a local dude was exonerated following DECADES in jail. Here's perspective from the community raising questions about the role of authorities in a prosecution they believe is unjust. Take a look:

Protesters call for firing of Douglas County assistant prosecutor after Ricky Kidd freed

LAWRENCE, Kan. -- Protesters are calling for a Douglas County attorney to lose her job. That lawyer was part of the team responsible for convicting Ricky Kidd, who was just freed after 23 years behind bars. The case against him has since been dismissed.


Anonymous said...

Like the guy is not guilty of something - they were close enough. 23 years and still not a good bet he doesn't recidivate.

Anonymous said...

Kept him from getting shot on the street so they should send him a bill.