Saturday, September 07, 2019


We often blog about divisions among the GOP but tonight Sunflower State Republicans offer an overwhelming display of unity with this endorsement as a lead up to 2020. Take a look:

Kansas among state GOPs voting to forgo primary in support of President Trump

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Republican leaders in Nevada, South Carolina and Kansas have voted to scrap their presidential nominating contests in 2020, erecting more hurdles for the long-shot candidates challenging President Donald Trump. "What is Donald Trump afraid of?" asked one of those rivals, former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld.


Anonymous said...

Too much danger of a Hurricane striking Kansas on Primary Election Day!

Anonymous said...

Nobody will challenge The Donald. You other Repubs should pack up and go home.

Anonymous said...

Is Trump worried he would lose the Kansas primary again? Nearly 77% of Republicans voted for someone else last time.

Candidate Votes %

Ted Cruz 35,207 48.2%
Donald J. Trump 17,062 23.3%
Marco Rubio 12,189 16.7%
John Kasich 7,795 10.7%
Ben Carson 511 0.7%
Jeb Bush 78 0.1%

Anonymous said...

What a victory for democracy!

Anonymous said...

The Presidential primary race must be paid for by the party, and it is very costly for a state with lots of territory and a small population. Having a primary or even a caucus this year is a waste of resources when an incumbent is running for President. If the party thought it couldn't afford a primary in 2016 when the race was wide open, why would they want to spend the money in 2020 when we have an incumbent running for the office?

Not A Black Man Portraying Alexander Hamilton said...

Trump is I$raels' Whore and Wa$hington DC is their brothel.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd hate to see Trump's ego take some bruises with Joe Walsh or someone else giving him a run for his money in primaries.

If you're voting for Trump at this point, you're just another one of his 'marks' in a long line of shitty products branded with this assholes name. Unfortunately, the name has now sullied the highest office in the country.

Anonymous said...

I told you this dictator would start cancelling elections. This isn't going to the last one.