Friday, September 13, 2019

Kansas City Star Stands Up For Clay County Audit Crew of Social Media Activists

Credit where it's due, this town's newspaper offers some support for locals who are calling out and maybe bullying their elected representatives with Facebook activism and proof that municipal politics makes suburbanites angry as well.

For those who venture beyond the paywall, here's a word about a longstanding fight that started with a pricey coffee machine debate . . . Read more:

Clay County commissioners with vendetta against the sheriff put public safety at risk

Citizens of Clay County have collected more than 9,000 signatures in a petition to have the county government audited. After the signatures are verified, State Auditor Nicole Galloway's office can begin its performance audit. The two Clay County commissioners who've cut the sheriff's budget by $1 million may think they're sticking it to him, or to "criminals" in the county jail he runs.


Jesse James said...

Come on Tony, you know records were tampered with long before the coffee pot. Also, county employees were given free housing long before the purchase of the coffee pot. You know the audit petition started long before the coffee pot. Report the facts!

Anonymous said...

Some day, likely after Ridgeway and Owens are gone, some intrepid reporter will dig past Vescovo's teary press releases and uncover the millions in waste in his department that prompted the budget cuts in the first place. He's like a welfare mom who spends her money on booze and a new car and then pleads to her caseworker that she doesn't have money to feed her kids.

Anonymous said...

Clay is ran by imbeciles. One guy loves to be the targeted one, can’t wait until that commissioner has to actually run the county. Lol

Anonymous said...

More likely, @8:05, some "intrepid reporter" will write a book detailing all the knavery Ridgeway and Owen perpetrated before their misdeeds sent them to prison.

Anonymous said...

We pay the Assistant county Administrators over $100k each and they can't afford a lawn mower. They "borrow" the county's zero turns and keep them for weeks at a time.