Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Kansas City 'One More Cup' Postscript

Check this finely crafted news item on the end of an era and nice thoughts whilst the rest of us know that horrible street maintenance and unfriendly KCMO biz rules are what shut down most small shops like this one. Take a look:

One More Cup Closure Leaves Patrons Feeling Homeless Away From Home

It was never really about the coffee. Jeremy and Stacy Neff sold human connections one cup at a time. And that's why legions of loyal customers are feeling such deep loss over the closure Sunday of One More Cup, the little coffeehouse at 7408 Wornall Road.


Anonymous said...

Too bad all that traffic can't get that shitty fucking price chopper shut down too

Anonymous said...

Waldo so overrated. High priced bars north of 75th and nothing else south. Center school district alumni club residences. Westport south.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who has run a business will sympathize with the owners. It absolutely consumes you. Good luck to them. Here's an opportunity to step in and continue the tradition. Anybody? Anybody?