Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Kansas City Nasty Northland Apartment Evacuation Aftermath: Roach Crisis!!!

We always call this neighborhood "the nice" side of the bridge but today's health department crackdown proves otherwise. Here's the best glimpse at low-rent life and local enforcement cracking down on owners . . . Take a look:

115 violations cause Northland apartment building shutdown

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Health inspectors shut down a Northland apartment building after finding life threatening living conditions prohibited under the city's year-old Healthy Homes Ordinance. Inspectors forced management at the Englewood Apartments to relocate ten families over the weekend into extended stay hotels.


Anonymous said...

looks like they dissolved a body in acid

Anonymous said...

Section 8 infestation.

Anonymous said...

Slumlords, many of which live high on life rich as fuck in Overland Park, and Leawood KS. The moral of the story is ...if you don't own it dont live in it.