Friday, September 13, 2019

Kansas City 'Country Music' Doc Jamboree!!!

The reviews are mixed but the documentary remains required viewing for the upcoming holiday season so that locals can properly bore friends & family with tidbits, insights and misunderstood anecdotes. Here's a local TV scribe that public TV pulled out of the dustbin after we blogged about his adventures a few weeks ago . . . Read more:

Kansas City's Leading Role in Ken Burns' "Country Music"

Kansas City is a jazz town - just ask anybody! So how did KC manage to be featured so prominently in Ken Burns' new documentary on the history of country music? It's not exactly coincidence. Dayton Duncan, the longtime collaborator with Burns on "The Dust Bowl", "The National Parks" and other PBS projects, has spent a lot of time in Kansas City.


Anonymous said...

Children of country music pioneers are not killing each other so the subject is safer to research. Unlike the children of the founders of Jazz. Jazz must be so proud !

Anonymous said...

Country music from a marxist's perspective.